Chapter 93

Chapter 93 


 I was looking at Ellie who looked well rested and calm . When I saw the worry reflected on her face I knew that ; she was worried with good reason . I don’t want her calling everyone she knows , to come to my aid . I want to deal with what was going on ,properly, without her fighting my battles for me . During training ; one of the strikers in the team who is an accurate shooter; kicked the ball directly on my face , I thought it was a mistake and I let it go only for the second ball to hit me unexpectedly .

 The position I play is center back . The Jerry knows his job and he seldom changes his formation . I always keep to myself , but I knew I wouldn’t be popular because of how I was called up to the team. I was already match fit and I had put in the hours in the gym and on the pitch . I have always watched what I ate and It’s not that hard to eat healthy because Ellie watches what she eats too and she is not ve

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