Chapter 202

Chapter 202


If there's one thing that I do not like it is being kept in the dark by people you trust and who claim to be loyal to you. I've always trusted Maxwell but lately, I don't know what you trust or who to trust anymore because if it's not him and Daniel devising a plan to prove Daniel's innocence which I understand but they should have let me know, it's a security Intel but needs to be changed and checked and verified or vetted. I don't ever want to be in a position where both my son and to an extent my fiance's lives are in jeopardy. I can protect myself I've always had an independent streak and I will always know how to fight back.

When Axel was born I made it a point to take self-defense classes so that if anything happens I would be able to protect him and make sure that no harm comes to him. I would take a bullet for both my son and his father but right now I am so mad at his father had that I don't ev

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