Chapter 228

Chapter 228


I hate messing up where my fiance is concerned. I've been good for the past couple of weeks but proving that I've been cleaning and I haven't been doing anything dodgy is proving to be harder than finding a way to explain that I've only ever been there for the people that I call my friends. I get why Eleanor doesn't want me to see more of Paulina because she has an unhealthy obsession with me. I know I punched her boyfriend and that was a stupid thing to do but now I feel as if I've made a mess of things and I don't know how to clean it up.

We had a restaurant in the building which meant that I was going to meet my teammates during lunch or after the press conference. I was still unsure if Ellie and me were still going away for the weekend to my mother's cabin. In all honesty we needed time away from everyone and everything that was going on. Since Paulina was working with the junior team she wasn't going

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