chapter 325

Chapter 325


I'm starting to wonder what type of person I was before waking up in hospital with no memory or recollection of who I was. I'm still struggling to remember things and Daniel is a doctor.He told me to give my memory time to recover I can remember the basic things and I can remember how to drive a car and hopefully I can remember how to play football because I think I like it I don't know how to flick the switch if I'm making sense. He told me that it's like scraping your knee. It might take time to make your knee heal, but it will eventually heal. You can't tell the body when and how to heal itself unless you know how to hack certain emotions or speed up the healing process. The healing process comes in stages. Rushing something that needs time can sometimes result in something not ending up the way you wanted it to end up all the way you hoped it would end up. You'll get the direct opposite of the outcome that you wanted to get because you wanted to speed things up.
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