Chapter 81

There is a slight chillness in the air, the tree leaves turning a shade darker. Winter is coming. And no, there are no white walkers here. Except the kids who come to get candies on Halloween. Ugh, I hate that festival. Not because of the kids,but because I never had candies with me. Bruh, I don't even have a place to live. How can I provide candies to kids when I can have them for lunch? The idea does not fit well with those small mind, small bodies. They try their cutest expressions and when I refuse, their expressions turn horrific. It literally feels as if I have stolen something from them. And that makes me feel guilty. Hence, the hating conclusion on Halloween. Talking about kids, today Laila is going to attend her first nursery class. Not as a kid, but as a teacher. It is even hard to think of that girl as a teacher. Now don't get me wrong. I love her and appreciate her for who she is. But still, Einstein can't be a donkey and donkey can't be Einstein. That's th

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