Chapter 4

I sighed after seeing the text from Eleanor. 

"Can you meet at the office?" The text said. 

I replied "Ok. But why?"

Another message popped up. 

"I need to get you ready for Mr. Saxena. He said he wants to meet you today."


I immediately dialled Eleanor's number but she didn't receive it. 

"I'm busy with a client right now. So can't pick up your call. Let me know the time you'll be arriving and I'll send David to receive you." Her message said. 

"But I am not ready!" I texted her back. 

"Don't worry Meera, just leave everything to me." 

I slouched on the bed with a sigh escaping my lips. 

I'm going to meet a business tycoon cum mafia today and I don't know what the heck I'm going to do! This is all her fault! 


"I'm not wearing this." I nodded my head in a straight no. 

"But why? This will be perfect for your first impression." Eleanor said. 

First impression? What was it? A job interview? 


"You sure?"

"Absolutely." I said firmly. 

I've every reason to reject the dress. It was less fabric,more skin. The kind basically those rich models and actresses wear. It's not a bad thing,but when a grass root level person like me wears such a dress, there's only one opinion that anybody would form seeing me. A slut!

And I am not a slut. Not yet. 

Eleanor looked around the heap of clothes that she had laid on the white sofa. Poor sofa. 

"I can't find anything else. I've to look for more." I could tell that Eleanor was frustrated by my picky nature. 

"Can I look?" I asked. 

Eleanor looked at me with a sceptical look. 

I know what she thought. 

What can this out of fashion and stupid girl find to wear? 

"Look, I know that you want to make my first impression good enough for him to like me. But I don't find the necessity to wear something that tells 'I want to be laid'." 

Elen looked at me with a suprised look. 

"Honey, you've to look the part. And even if the client wants to do anything with you, it's ultimately your choice to go along with it or not. Remember, you're safe with us." She said.

Yeah, like I'm buying that. 

I ignored her and walked towards the huge shop which she calls her wardrobe. Seriously,it was huge! 

I looked through the dresses placed in color coordinated manner in the compartments. They looked so posh that it was hard to believe that I have the authority to wear them. 

My eyes scanned the room, looking for the color I had schemed. And I found it. 

I walked towards the compartment with all the red dresses. My hand skimmed through the satin and silk fabric of the dresses.

Believe me or not, red is a colour that can make me look sexy even if I'm not showing any skin. I just had to find the right outfit. I pushed the dresses one by one, checking on the design till my eyes caught the winner. 

"This is it!"I exclaimed, pulling out the dress from the rack. 

Eleanor joined me and stared at the dress that I was holding. 

And it would be a lie to say she looked very impressed...

"You sure? This is a simple lacy dress. I don't think it'll be very appropriate for the occasion." Eleanor twisted her lips in denial. I swear I wanted to punch her on the face. 

How dare ya question my fashion sense,huh? I have brains too. I know what occasion it is!

My inner mind was literally screaming at her. I'm glad that it's not out of my lips yet. 

"Pleaseeee. Let me try this outfit. If you don't like it then I'll go with whatever you offer. I promise." I pleaded. 

Eleanor gave it a thought. 

"Very well. But remember what you've promised. Now go and change fast. We'll be late." 

"Okay." I smiled and ran with the dress towards the changing room. 

With determination and regret about digging my own great. 

If she doesn't like the dress, I have to go with those less fabric,more body clothes! 





I walked out of the room and Eleanor stared back at me with an amused look.

Does she like it? 

She walked towards me with the same look. 

"Okay, maybe I thought it wrong. This looks great on you."

I beamed at her with a sweet smile. Only if she knew,that inside I was twerking in victory. 

She called in the makeup artists and they starting painting my face. Like literally painting my face. 

Let me be honest. I'm not a makeup person! For my whole damn life until this day,I understood makeup as a lipstick and eyeliner. But I was stunned to see a ton of things being put on my face as if I was the most disgusting creature ever lived on earth and my face needs to be hidden.

And it was itching my sensitive skin. I swear if I didn't had to do all this, I would've beaten the hell out of those ladies who were holding my face like I was an robot. They are literally scrubbing my face with the brush or whatever it is. 

"Please don't move." One of the ladies said. 

Yeah, right! I don't have the right to even scratch my neck because it's itching from the goddamn frickin powder they've dusted on it. And I have cursed the lady in my back who was constantly pulling my hair for no reason. It hurts!

After a whole century...

Sorry, just kidding. After a few hours, they finally released me from the torture. I turned towards the mirror,my eyes hardly lifting due to the fake eyelashes sticking to my eyelids. 

And I gasped at my own reflection! 

Who's this person?? Is it me?? 

I moved my face closer to the mirror and touched my skin. My skin felt creamy and smooth. It was definitely all those wierd smelling powders and creams. 

But I think they are worth it,as my whole face is glowing like a diva! I never looked so beautiful! 

Obviously, because I didn't do make-up. 

I turned towards Eleanor who was smiling at me with pride. 

She walked close to me and said

"You look absolutely stunning."


I looked through the window while David drove me and Eleanor towards our destination. 

"Why are you so tensed?" I asked Eleanor who seemed a bit nervous ,other than me. 

"Well, I am not really tensed. But I am worried about our client." She said.

"But why?" 

"Dhruv Saxena is contacting us after a long time. He has never chosen us so far after that day."

"Which day?"

"It was almost an year ago. He had asked us for a sugar baby and assured our decision for the girl. But unfortunately, the events didn't turn out very well. Even after sending the best girl of our agency,he was disappointed and literally put our whole agency at stake." 

"Oh my! He can do that?" 

"Dhruv Saxena is very powerful and influential. He can close down every single institution and company in this country if he wants to."

A man can have that much power? That's scary! 

"You said you sent one of your best sugar baby. But still he wasn't impressed?" 

"Unfortunately,no. He wasn't. The girl was very experienced and knew the profession well. But Mr. Saxena rejected her after five minutes of conversation with her. He gave all of us a hard time after that. It took a lot for us to convince him to not put our agency at stake and destroy the girl's life." 

"Destroy the girl's life?What do you mean?"

Eleanor as if recognising what she said,tried to close the subject. 

"No! Tell me!!" I resisted. I need to know. 

"He was on the way to destroy the girl's career by firing her from all her sources of income."  

"That's terrible!" I screamed. 

"I know. So we begged him no to. The girl did too. Fortunately,he calmed down and left us for good."

I gulped in the lump of my throat. What kind of a monster was I going to face today? 

After a moment of contemplation, I turned towards Eleanor and said.

"Eleanor, I can't do this!"


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