Chapter Nineteen

Phoebe's Dad had passed away when she was a kid and she had been raised my her mom. Then her mother passed away too when she was in college.

"I'm just saying. Stop being mad at him and just talk to him..." Phoebe continued. "See if you guys can work something out"

Kimberly nodded. "You know sometimes you talk like you are a reasonable person" she said smiling. "But I know you well enough to know that you are not"

Phoebe picked up a pillow and threw it at her. Kimberly laughed.


Three days later, Kimberly walked downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. Her father was there and so was one of his bodyguards. She noticed they were always around since she came back. Her father had always wanted her to have one, but she had adamantly refused. She had insisted that she didn't need them. He was the billionaire, she had told her father so he was the one who needed bodyguards following him around. And when Hillary saw that he couldn't change her mind, he had let her
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