Chapter Fifty Two

She stared at him and back at the picture. She noticed the similarities in his eyes and mouth. "You don't talk much about anything" she said. "How often do you see her?" 

"I try" he said. "Almost after every job I make sure I visit her, unless I'm too busy and I have to start a second job right away." 

Kimberly nodded. "Only child?" she asked and he nodded. She leaned closer to view the screen better, and gave Asher an enticing whiff of floral shampoo, or soap or something. The scooped neck of her top slipped lower as she peered at the monitor, and Asher received an all-too-tempting view of her breasts, not overly large, but shapely, and he remembered that amazing night in his SUV. 

He fought the desire to pull her on his lapand push that sheer material out of the way, then do everything that he’d already done to her in his mind. He wanted a repeat of that night…But that wasn’t what she needed; he knew that, so, swall

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