"Good morning sir! I am Rock, your guide for the day." Rock, our guide, as usual appointed by Mr. Noah without my opinion, told us and shook his hand with Mr. Noah.

He then turned towards me,

"Good morning mam! Nice to meet you," Rock extended his hand for me to shake and so I did the same,

"Nice to meet you too, Mr. Rock." I told replied back.

But suddenly he did something unexpected. He kissed the back of my hand,

"You are really very beautiful mam!" He told me.

Mr. Noah twisted his fingers into a fist and his whole body tightened up. He immediately held my hand and separated it from Rock's hand. He then entangled his finger with mine, holding them tightly,

"If your talks are over, shall we go, Mr. Rock?" Mr. Noah told Rock, narrowing his eyes at him.

Rock just nodded his head and started walking. I and Mr. Noah quietly followed him.

Mr. Noah is strange! No one can tell when and why his mood will change! Now what was

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