He took the flower from her and kept mum; it’s been a long time since he felt so good. After that incident he blamed himself for everything; if she didn’t trust him that day and refused to come out with him that wouldn’t have happened to her. Her trust on him caused her such a misfortune; he looked at the cheerful girl who was jumping around him happily.

He himself had no idea what he was thinking when he pulled her hand;  Little Bee didn’t expect this sudden ambush and went crashing into his chest. “Ouch, it’s hard. Do you eat stones. I...” She complained but the man turned a deaf ear towards her as he hugged her head close to his chest. She was struggling at first but stopped when her ears picked on a rhythm; she halted at once and listened attentively to his heartbeat. His heart was thumping rapidly inside his chest and for some reason Little Bee developed nostalgia over it.

The man held her

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