Little Bee’s eyes widened, “For real?” Jack was blowing up with rage, he walked up to Ryan and whispered, “This is a really bad idea... We will die of exhaustion by the team we reach Orleans.” Ryan actively ignored him, turning the other side he promised, “I will be by your side the morning of day after tomorrow.”

The girl got hysterical, “Oh, Prince Charming you are the best! I will be waiting for you.” A grunt was dragged before the was hung up; Jack charged at him, “You are crazy, what were you thinking when you made that promise?”

Ryan’s face turned cold as he looked up, “Do I need to ask you before doing anything?” Jack immediately quietened down, he was a chameleon of a man- capable of switching his temperament within the blink of an eye. “I didn’t mean that...” Jack backed off as he can never go against this devious man and continued,

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