Chapter 22

The damp darkness of her cell enveloped Cara’s body like a rash, a chill ran up and down her spine repeatedly, draining her of energy. Her extremities were numb, the slight sensation of pins and needles left its evidence; the lack of movement causing the blood flow to decrease. She shivered on the floor, curling her body up to retain as much heat as possible.

Voices could be heard outside the corridor to her cell, she strained to hear what was being said but her senses were dulled. The shadows were slowly claiming her for their own and she welcomed them.

The slam of a door pierced her ears, if it weren’t for the lack of energy she would have most certainly jumped. Footsteps approached her, she could make out the same footsteps as the ones who had visited her days before, the ones that had brought her food. She recognised that as the last meal she had been provided with, the water from the cup had spilt over and the brick floor below her had absorbed it like a sponge,

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