Chapter 32

A further week had passed, Cara’s nightmares weren’t easing up and Archer was still making a regular appearance to soothe her during the episodes. Cara had woken a few times to the sight of Archer, before her eyes shut again. No words were ever exchanged, the silent understanding that he would protect her filled the room. She allowed the small intimate strokes on her hand or face to pacified her without the need to speak.

This evening was different though, her nightmares took her back to the dungeon she was held captive in. Only this time, Rich had appeared in the doorway, he was tensed up and fists clenched at his sides. His face was pulled up into a smirk, taunting Cara. He stalked towards her, his eyes glowing red in anger. His face contorted and his smile widened in a satanic fashion.

She tossed and turned, trying to pull herself away from his grasp. He pulled at her clothes, his nails turned into claws as he dug them into her skin. He was crawling on top of her,

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