Chapter Seven

Ryan left his room and headed for Sarah's room. He opened it quietly and saw her sleeping peacefully on the bed. He walked in and shut the door.

"Sleeping beauty, still sleeping even when it's almost time." He muttered and smiled. He looked around and saw how scattered her room was.

"Oh fuck that. I guess she had a hard time making that decision so she transferred the aggression on the poor room." He chuckled and looked at her travel bag.

"Holy shit, I said few things in the luggage not the whole house."  He paused, looked around then when walked to where his sister was sleeping and laid beside her.

"Woman of my dreams, it's time to wake up." He said rubbing his hand on her waist, "Baby?"  He called and kissed her but r wasn't waking up. He checked his wrist watch, "10:30pm I guess we still have some minutes." He said and laid facing her, sleeping on his side with his hand gently rubbing her body. He watched her sleep, listening to her heartbeat her breath
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