Chapter Sixty Two

His voice was thick with regret and it trembled with emotion as he stroked his hand over her hair.

“You have to know that Leila was here for the sole reason of causing trouble between us.” he said. 

She went still against him, knowing that what she was about to say would probably only piss him off more, but she was through pulling her punches.

“Are you ready to admit that your mother hates me and would do anything to get rid of me? If you didn’t talk to Leila about us, then who the hell do you think did?” she asked. 

“I know,” he said quietly. “It won’t work, though. As soon as we return home, I’ll put an end to this. I promise. She won’t be allowed to hurt you like this.”

She sagged against him. She wanted so desperately to believe him this time. His eyes were slowly being opened. Did this mean he

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