I don’t allow his words to frighten me. 

If there is anything that I’ve learnt, it’s that I can’t trust Revel, so as those words come past his lips, my eyes narrow skeptically. Revel is a Sin, which means he only cares about himself, and would say anything if it meant he could get his way. 

“If you’re lying to me…” I mutter uneasily, wishing I could put more of a threatening tone into my voice. The moment someone threatens Thought, it immediately makes me uncomfortable. For so long now, I’ve been the one everyone wants dead, so hearing that Thought could be in danger too makes my stomach twist uneasily

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Dawna Cox
Oh no Luella! Don't go w/Stace, you will risk your mate more than you know! I am so happy there is a update! Please keep them coming!

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