“I'll keep you updated.”

These were the words that presently caused a turmoil in Jordan's head as he stared wordlessly at the mahogany coloured drink swirling between the mini ice cubes in his glass. He groaned loudly for the umpteenth time since he and Keelan had arrived at the bar tonight.

Looking away from the bevy of half naked ladies who were seductively batting their fake lashes at him as they twisted and turned their curvaceous bodies in all directions humanly possible, Keelan took in his friend's seemingly frustrated figure with an eyebrow raised.

He scrutinised him as he continued to have a staring contest with the Jim Beam bourbon whiskey glistening in his glass. His friend, who was usually — if not always — quiet whenever they hung out together, that Keelan already knew he had inherited the position of the conversation starter, had been groaning and mak

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