Chapter Thirty One: Elements


Skye then leaves their hideout and proceeded back to the academy, to her surprise she sees Lyanna.

Lyanna tiptoes her way cautiously to the room where JD was taken. Skye instinctively hides herself using another's identity- the librarian. It's her favorite disguise. It will only be a matter of time before Lyanna gets suspicious of the libraria.

Skye smirks as she remarks to herself, "I knew we couldn't use the fact that JD killed her father against him."

"That plan is sure to failed. We can't take control of a narrative against JD because he's been Lyanna all her life." Skye glances at JD who's in bed through the window, she whispers, "So I just had to... quiet you down."

After all it was Skye's plan.

Everything was.

She's a vicious manipulator. She knows best how to use one's emotion against themselves. Skye stayed f

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