Third person's POV:

It was when this morning came, Andie's Mother woke him, earlier as she used to because that day was the day where Andie will be going to his school as a grade 1 student. His mother helped him take a bath and served him his breakfast so he could go with a decent look, just like the other kids who are going to school.

“Just wait and I'll get your uniform, Son.” His Mother, Anastasia said. It took her seconds to get the most white uniform inside their dresser. She let her son wear the uniform before helping him slip the buttons, correctly.

Andie looked down at his black shiny shoes, as a smile formed in his face; thinking that it's very cool. It was bought by his mother that week. He raises his hands up in front of his face to see if he cut his nails right. 

After some time, his mother came back with his school ID before giving it to his son. It was a school ID for public schoolers. “Here, wear this so the guards will let you enter.”

 “Mm.” Nodded Andie before wearing it on his neck, like his mother told him. Anastasia just looked at her Son's small and jolly frame. Excitement and happiness were etched in his face.

Andie was sure that he's going to make his first day cool, shrugging the fact that no one wants to befriend him. He thinks that school is really fun because he can learn new cool things, and get ribbons or even medals.

When they're done with preparing, they started organizing the other things that Andie will be needing when he goes to school. That includes his; lunch box, bag and pencil case.

“Let's go, Son.” Said Anastasia to her son, as they began to make their way outside of their house. 

Andie held his mother's hand while they walk down the street. And while they're walking, he started imagining what school really looks like, what are the things that are going to happen, and who are the kids that are going to be with him inside.

Andie couldn't help but look up to his Mother. “Mama, what are we going to do in school.” He asked, curiously.

Anastasia smiled, “You're going to learn school things, and someone will going to be your teacher who will teach you those.” She explained. “So be a good boy there, huh? I don't want you doing bad things there, okay?”

A sudden frown dropped on Andie's face, “But, Mama. What if someone bully me? Will you be there with me, Mama?” Asked Andie before ducking his head down.

Anastasia was taken aback, and was rather surprised when Andie stopped walking, causing her to stop too. She saw how his shoulders drop, but she forced a smile to her face and patted his Son's head. She also saw the fear in the child's eyes, though Andie knows that he needs education.

“Hey, Son. Listen to Mama, okay? You're going to have a teacher, and she will look for you kids. Do you know that teachers are second Mothers of kids? She will not tolerate any bad words and things inside her class. And besides, you know what to do, right?” Andie watched as his Mother explain.

Convinced, Andie beamed a smile, as he shrugged the fear in his chest. And after that, they started making their way towards the school until they reached the busy public school. Uncountable kids were there too.

Andie stared at the crowded place, which is the school for kids. A huge “Dream Elementary School.” was hanging above the huge gate of the entrance. Even though his little feet couldn't find the strength to step, he willed himself to stick with his Mother until they reached a classroom.

“Mama, why aren't we going inside? Is it cancelled now?” Andie asked, innocently. Hope started forming in his face at the thought, only to hear his Mother's answer.

“Wait, Son. We're not yet sure who's going to be your teacher.” Said Anastasia to his Son. Andie didn't try to say anything anymore, as a frown completely dropped on his face.

After minutes of standing, Andie's eyes unexpectedly landed on two familiar people. He couldn't help but smile, as an unfamiliar tingles formed in the pit of his stomach.

“Mama, look! There!” Exclaimed Andie while tugging his mother's shirt while his other hand pointing on the two. “They were the guys who saved me from that haunted house!”

The familiar kid on the other hand also recognized him, so he pulled his father's wrist before pulling him towards Andie's direction. Andie couldn't help but smile, as he remembered the kid's name, ‘Jaden.’ He was with his father, Carl beside him.

Anastasia looked at where his Son's index finger was pointing. “Oh, really? Hello there.” She greeted, which the man greeted back with a smile. “Hey, thank you very much for saving my son. Gosh, I thought he was just playing outside.”

“You're welcome, Ma'am!” Exclaimed Jaden with a cheeky smile, showing his white teeth. Andie on the other hand got suddenly embarrassed, so he decided to hide his half body behind his mother, which Carl noticed.

“How are you doing, Andie? You look cool today.” Said Carl with a smile. 

Andie blushed, feeling embarrassed. “Good, sir.” He said, making the man before him nod.

Unexpectedly, Jaden's father felt like peeing at that moment, so he excused himself after telling his Son to wait. “Hey, Son. Stay here with Andie for a second, okay?” He explained, making his Son nod.

Jaden turned to look straight Andie, which caused the kid look away quickly. And there, A teacher called Andie's Mother, so she excused herself after telling her son to wait because she needs to talk to his teacher. “Stay with this boy for a little bit, Son. I'll be back.” Said Anastasia before making her way inside the room, leaving the two kids on the hallway.

Jaden took the chance to talk and introduce himself to the kid, still wearing his cheeky smile. “Hi, Andie! My name's Jaden. You remember me, right? You were the kid from our house!” Jaden exclaimed.

Andie couldn't find the will to speak, as he felt his cheeks heating up in embarrassment. He remembered how he was crying like a dying cat, and couldn't even speak right. For some reason, he also couldn't believe that someone, aside from his siblings is finally talking to him.

Jaden noticed the uneasiness of the kid, making him scratch his nape, awkwardly. The awkward silence seemed to swallow their surroundings. ‘He was crying so loud that day, and now he's quiet like a mute person.’ Jaden chuckled at the thought. Nonetheless, he was persistent to talk to Andie because for a kid who only has short limbs, their house are too far to walk.

“Um, how old are you again?” Asked Jaden, hopefully breaking the silence between them. And there, Andie found the guts to talk. That's because he realized that he might never get the chance to speak with him because of his awkward personality. His mother also taught him that it's rude to ignore someone.

He started counting his tiny fingers before showing it up to the kid. “Seven. I'm seven years old. Y-you?”

Jaden got surprised at his answer, and he thought that hearing his normal speaking voice is nice, rather than hearing his cries. He was surprised because that's also his age. Like, what a coincidence, right? 

He smiled, “I'm seven too!” He exclaimed before speaking again, “So that means, you play toys too? Papa said when you're seven you must have lots of toys, like me!” Rambled Jaden, excitedly.

Andie nodded in anticipation. “U-um, yeah. I have a lot of toys in our house. I got them as gifts.” Explained Andie before he clutched his hands on the straps of his backpack when he noticed that Jaden was still staring at him.

“Woah, I bet you have a lot of playmates!” Jaden gasped, opposite to Andie's sudden reaction.

Slowly, Andie shook his head. “No, I-I don't. I always play alone.” Mumbled Andie, subconsciously ducking his head.

Jaden isn't blind to not see the sudden dullness of the kid, so he decided to lit up their mood. He walked towards his side before draping his arms around Andie's shoulders while a bright idea walked in his head. “Not anymore then. We can be playmates if you want!”

As fast as the time, a smile made its way to Andie's face, as he slowly registered the words that he heard from the latter. And there, he realized that he can finally have a playmate, not to mention that he wasn't the one to ask. “Really? We can he playmates?” Cause for Andie, having a friend is one of the best things in life.

“Of course, we can! I will ask Mom and Dad when we don't have classes. Great, right?” Asked Jaden with enthusiasm, that made both of them jump in joy. And there, Jaden's father saw them after taking a piss on the school's bathroom. The man smiled at the sight of his Son, finally having a friend. Unlike when they were still living in their former house.

After some time of chitchatting, all of the kids we're being called to go inside their respective classrooms. Anastasia with her Son, Andie made their way inside the colorful classroom, which is his going to be classroom. Luckily, he got inside the A section, which is the first section of Grade 1 students. It is because they got enrolled earlier than others.

When Anastasia finally settled her Son on his seat, which is located in the second row of the chairs. Andie noticed that he has no seatmates, making his brows arch in confusion. He looked at the other kids, busy settling their things. “Mama, don't I have a seatmate?” Asked Andie to his Mother.

“You'll have one soon, Son. Just wait for it to come.” Said Anastasia, plainly before kissing his son's forehead. “Okay, Son, Mama needs to go now. Be good here, okay?” She reminded.

Andie nodded with a thin smile, “Mm.”

When the parents made their way out of the colorful classroom, some children started crying in fear. It's natural for some students to act like that because they all know they're just kids who aren't used to being away from their parents.

Andie couldn't help but clasp his hands to his ears, he couldn't stand the deafening noise of their wailings. He did not expect that they would cry, but now he knows. ‘It's not easy after all.’ He sighed.

A teacher clapped her hands together, catching the attention of the kids. “Okay, Classe. My name is Miss Beautiful Clara... Oh, my dears don't cry, please. I'm going to make sure that school is fun!” Explained Clara, excitedly. As a licensed teacher, she knows how to handle those crybabies.

Andie on the other hand shifted on his seat while fixing his school ID. He doesn't want to get scolded by the teacher because he's sure that he will get scolded by his mouther too. 

After the minutes of taking their attention, the teacher noticed a kid who has no seatmate, located in the last row of the chairs. She doesn't have an idea how he sat there all alone, and so she made her way towards the lonely kid. She noticed that the kid is very quiet, and she presumed that he has a fever.

“What's you name, sweety?” Asked Clara to the kid, who looked up to her. The kid was nervous.

“J-jaden, Ma'am.” He stammered. As soon as he said those words, Andie's ears seemed to twitch.

The teacher raised her brows, “Why are you sitting there? You won't be able to hear me from here, sweety.” She said before telling the kid to stand. Jaden immediately complied and shrugged his backpack before walking in front of the class.

He got surprised when he saw that Andie was there too, sitting on the second row, alone. He did not wait for anyone's word, and he hurried up towards the kid, who happened to be his new playmate.

Andie looked at him, happily before he mumbled, “Oh, we're classmates.” He smiled, which made latter smile too. When the teacher called them earlier, he already assumed that it was going to be a long boring day, but now he's as happy as a puppy.

“Great, right? We can play here, and talk longer!” Exclaimed Jaden, which made Andie gasp. He knows that it's bad to talk when the teacher is talking. He doesn't want to get scolded.

“Later, Jaden. We should listen to the teacher first.” Said Andie, but he doesn't have an idea how energetic Jaden is, as he scooted so close to him even more. And there, Andie noticed that the teacher was already looking at them.

“We're now friends! I'm so happy!” Giggled Jaden on his seat, as he kept his head low. Jaden arched his brows when Andie did not respond to him, he was not aware of the looks towards them. His mother already told him many times about that attitude, but he doesn't know what is wrong with it. He just wants a friend.

Lightly, Andie elbowed his side before he hissed. “Jaden, Ma'am is going to be mad at us. Let's talk later. Let's listen to her first, please.” Mumbled Andie. He mentally thanked him when he became silent.

Andie finally turned his head to look at the teacher, who's busy telling them some jokes, lessons and numbers. He did not understand anything, but still forced himself to listen. The teacher then returned to her desk before he picked up the book, which made some scared. They think that the teacher will going to make them read one by one. Especially Andie.

“Hey, Andie. I have transformers in my house! They're cool, you know? They can transform into cars and airplanes! My papa bought it from abroad. They're huge and cool! And we can make throw them without breaking them!” Jaden suddenly rambled, which made the latter before him fume in annoyance. Andie's face turned red, as he glared at Jaden.

“Jaden, please? Shut up for a while before we get called for being noisy here! I don't want to get scolded! You're being annoying…” Cried Andie in annoyance. He turned his head again to look at the teacher. 

That second, he thought that Jaden would be all quiet, but instead he heard the latter chuckle before he felt a finger poking on his waist. Andie felt ticklish at the touch, making him flinch a little.

“Hihihi, you look ugly when you're angry, Andie. I was just teasing you, come on!” Teased Jaden, as he continued poking his waist. Andie on the other hand couldn't help, but let out a giggle because he was ticklish there. Jaden didn't stop, he thinks that Andie's giggles are funny.

Jaden broke out a loud laugh, but was immediately stopped when the teacher slammed her hands on the desk, causing a loud thud to boom around the class. Jaden immediately shut his mouth, but it was too late when the teacher stood, and walked towards their seats.

“You! And you! You two were destructing my class. This is just the first day of class, and you're being so naughty?!” Asked the teacher, loudly. She was pretending to be mad, but the truth is, she was amazed that the two kids became friends immediately.

With a fixed glare, she looked at Jaden before her eyes landed on Andie's scared ones. “Who's started first?” She asked in a low voice.

“M-ma'am, him—J-jaden, Ma'am... He was tickling me. I already told him to stop.” Said Andie, pointing his tiny index finger on Jaden. He almost cried in fear, but he knows that he's not the one who's gonna get scolded because he was not the one who's started.

The teacher looked at the said Jaden. “Is that true?” She asked. For God knows why, Jaden thought of a silly idea that made him shake his head with confidence.

“No, ma'am! She tickled me first! I mean he tickled me first!” Denied Jaden, making the teacher shake her head in disbelief.

“Hey, wait—what?! Ma'am, that is not true! Jaden, you started it first! Why are you lying?!” Said Andie, frustratedly.

“I'm not lying, Andie. You tickled me first.” Muttered Jaden, teasingly, pissing the latter even more.

“Okay okay! You two are both noisy... Stand up, now!” The teacher ordered, making Andie's eyes widened in shock. Nonetheless, he obliged. 

And there, they stood and made their way to the back of their class. Andie threw glares at Jaden each time he'd take a step, which was Jaden knew. He would stick his tongue to annoy the kid even more. For some reason, he found it entertaining.

“Don't sit until I say so!” The teacher Added, making the two nod.

“Tsk, it's because of you! Argh, why did you become so annoying so sudden.” Mumbled Andie.

“Bleeh! At least we can talk without her hearing us. She told me earlier that I wouldn't be able to hear her from her, that means she won't hear us!” Teased Jaden, while sticking his tongue. Andie fumed beside him. 

And the fact that he's smaller than Jaden, pissed him the most at that moment.





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