Third Person's Point Of View

Inside a little house, there was Andie, busy serving their breakfast and placing them on their little dining table. He was still a little sleepy that time because he woke up earlier than usual to prepare for their breakfast. Since he was just a kid, he wasn't really foreign with doing house chores, he was taught by his mother.

He wiped the sweat that was forming in his forehead, tiredness was evident in his face. He badly wants to go back to his bed and sleep all day, knowing that he doesn't have classes. Nonetheless, he continued to finish them all, not wanting to be scolded by his mother, thinking that he's too old for that scolding thingies.

He cautiously walks towards the stove, and immediately opens it before placing the pan to fry some eggs, like he usually does. As he waits for the pan to heat up, he turns his head and looks up at their window.

“What time is it now?” He murmurs to himself while looking at the orange sky that he can see before their window where the calmness and peacefulness were evident. It was a great scenery for a not-so-very morning person, like him. 

He heaves a sigh of exhaustion before he turns back to see the now heated pan. He puts some oil on it and waits until it boils and is ready to cook the eggs. He then starts to crack the eggs, putting them in a bowl, as he puts some seasonings on them. When the eggs are ready, he immediately puts it on the heated pan.

He would flinch every time it would pop, not wanting his skin to be burned. He cautiously moves the handle of the pan, as he flips them with carefulness.

There goes his mother walking with his little brother, as he carries a pile of folded clothes, same as his mother. 

“Good morning, Son.” Greeted his mother, as he beamed his famous smile at her and his brother. He then turns his focus on the pan, only to be welcomed by a pop, as the hot oil touches his skin.

“Aw, ouch!” He hisses and brushes the skin that starts to redden. He puts his lips together before blowing some air on the skin, as a pout subconsciously forms in his lips. “Tsk, why do you need to pop—”

His whines were stopped when a familiar ringtone rang from a phone inside his pocket. His brows raised in trance, as he turned the stove off quickly. He was about to put another set of eggs, but his mother stopped him. “I'll do that, Son. Answer that phone call.”

He then nods, as his mother makes her way towards the stove. Andie scoots a little over before he looks at who's calling him, in the most unpredictable time, or at least what he thinks. His forehead creased when Jaden's name popped on the screen, as he answered and put towards his ears.

“Jaden? You called.” His approach was welcomed by sounds of groans of pain, coming from his best friend, Jaden. His face winces at the sound, some inaudible. “What? Why are you groaning so much? What's happening to you? Can you at least speak properly?!”

“H-help me, Andie...My pwend.” His annoyed tone and face automatically softened, knowing what that 'My pwend' nickname means.

“Hey, what happened to you?” He asks, wanting to know if the man on the other line could speak any better even though he knows he couldn't. His mother couldn't help but raise her brows at the annoyance in her son's face.

“Son? Who's that?” Asked his mother, as he shook his head quickly.

“It's nothing, Mama.” He says and tries to calm himself by shutting his eyes and breathing a sigh. “What's happening to you, Jaden? What's up?”

“I-it hurts...” Said the man through the phone.

“Hurt what?… If you don't answer properly I'll hang up and I won't talk to you!” Silence filled the next seconds before a deep ragged voice spoke from the phone.

“Come here, Andie. Please, my head hurts…so bad.” Andie's Face softened once again, as a sigh escaped from his lips. It has been a usual thing for Andie to visit his best friend whenever he's drunk or has a hangover. They would talk and sort problems out.

“What did you do this time, Jaden? Why did you drink too much, again?” Asked Andie, though he's pretty sure what Jaden's going to say, but instead he heard the man humming in agreement.

“Come h-here quick, yeah? I feel so lonely here, Andieee.” He hears Jaden whines, almost begging for him to come, making him do nothing but agree. It's what he always does when Jaden starts drinking his life out every time he's stressed, problematic and heartbroken. 

“Okay, I will. After I finish this, I'll go there. You stay there, Jaden, okay? Take a nap while you wait.” After hearing his best friend hum in agreement, he hung up quickly before walking towards their little dining room. He sees that the breakfast is completely served, as he makes his way towards the table to fix some food.

“Who were you talking to, Son?” Andie hears his mother ask again. “You look so irritated. It's too early for that, don't you think?”

“It was Jaden, Mama. He was asking me to help him with something.” He explains, as his mother's brows raised, questioningly.

“With what?” She asks.

“I'm not really sure, but he sounded like he was saying something important.” He says, wincing at the end, as his mother looks at him, nodding.

“Okay, you go there, Son. But first, eat your breakfast so you won't be hungry in your way.” Andie doesn't seem to hear his mother, as his best friend occupies his mind.

He then shakes his head, as he nibbles on his lips. “I think I need to go there now, Mama. I'll just eat there.” He rambles, waving his hand before he starts to make his way towards their tiny bathroom.

He didn't even mind the coldness of the water that touched his skin, and washed his body quickly. With only a towel wrapped around his waist, he rushes his way up to his room to change into his usual clothing. He immediately put on a pair of gray sweats, as he brushed his hair backwards. Though he doesn't mind what others think about his clothing, he at least wants to look decent. 

He searches for his tiny purse for seconds before he makes his way out of their tiny house after bidding goodbye to his family. He rushes his way down to the most familiar street that would lead him to his best friend's house. Andie had grown a lot, but his fondness for walking the not-so-near house of his best friend didn't fade away.

As he reaches the house that was once a haunted one, he calls for his best friend's name. “Jaden? Is anybody there? Hello?” And as expected, no voice responded to his approach. He tried repeating his calls, but still no one responded, causing a frown to drop onto his face.

He breathes a sigh and decides to walk inside the huge gates of that house. Memories flow in the back of his mind, reminiscing the moments when he would visit the house because his stubborn best friend insisted, or whenever he's sick. 

There, he makes his way towards the hallway, as he welcomes the quietness of the classic house. It stayed classic like before, due to the fondness of Jaden's parents to classical houses. Jaden's parents, also loving the presence of their Son's best buddy, Andie. They treat the latter as their son through years of them growing up together.

Andie then walks in the eerie living room, well aware of the chills that crawling through his skin. His fear of ghosts stayed remained and buried in his head. When he saw no one, he turned to rush his way upstairs and made his way towards Jaden's room. As he opens the door of the room, a messy surrounding welcomes his sight. It's indeed his best friend's room.

Just as how messy the room is, he sees how messy, drunk and groaning his best friend is. Andie examines Jaden's laid body on his bed, which is also messy. Started from his messy clothes, and up to his wincing face. He watches, as Jaden's forehead creases, brows knitting and his eyes tightly shut. “Tsk, look at this dumb man.”

“Tsk, how can you sleep inside of this messy room?” Andie asks in the air, as he looks at the scattered clothes that are surely dirty. He couldn't help but close his eyes when his eyes landed on his best friend's underwear, especially when he noticed something on it.

He then averts his attention to the things that are also scattered on the ground. “Looks like there was a storm here, tsk.” 

He starts to pick the clothes up, as he hears Jaden whining. “Hmm…” He couldn't help but to glance at the drunk man, as the handsomeness of Jaden's face made his glance into a stare. “Come…Come here...” Mumbled Jaden into his sleep, causing Andie to avert his attention back to the things.

Thinking that Jaden is still sleeping, he starts to clean the messy room from picking up the scattered clothes one by one, and putting them into the hamper until there's no mess left. He was about to get a wet towel to put on his best friend's aching head, but was stopped when his eyes accidentally landed on the half opened bathroom door.

As expected from a clean freak, like him, he made his way towards the bathroom to look. And just like what he thought, “Of course, it's messy too.”

And there, he started cleaning that bathroom, filled with Jaden's scent and some mess. The scent was enough for Andie to clutch his fingers on his nose, as his eyes wandered around the corner. There, he saw Jaden's shirt that he probably used, hanging on the window. He then extends his hand to reach the shirt before putting it in the hamper.

He starts to clean the every corner of the bathroom until it's all cleaned. He also sprayed some disinfectant spray until the room was filled with a pleasant smell. After that, he makes his way out of the now cleaned bathroom with a victorious smile before his eyes go towards the laying drunk man on the bed.

He remembers that he still needs to get him a wet towel and some meds. Hurrying, Andie makes his way out of the room towards the stairs until he reaches the living room. Tiptoeing to reach the meds in the cabinet, he picks enough count and makes his way towards the kitchen. He wet the towel and immediately made his way back to his best friend.

“Is this enough, tho?” He asks himself, as he looks down at Jaden, who doesn't even move. He puts the things down on the nightstand and sits on the edge of the bed. Nibbling on his lips, he breathes a sigh and leans his right palm onto Jaden's forehead to know his temperature.

Andie was about to snake his arms around his nape when a pair of calloused arms wrapped around his waist, causing him to flinch. There, he found himself lying beside his drunk best friend, as the scent of alcohol filled his nostrils, making him stiffen in trance. He tried prying off of Jaden's hold, but failed as if his body began to limp. “Argh, you stink!” Andie whisper shouted, glaring up at the man.

As minutes pass by, his eyelids suddenly feel heavy, and a yawn escapes from his lips. Due to the tiredness and lack of sleep, he didn't notice that he's already falling asleep, unconsciously burying his face on his best friend's chest. It seems like the scent of alcohol fades away and turns into a comforting scent for his nose.

Minutes passed again, and a pair of brown eyes opened slowly, followed by a grunt of pain. Memories of the last events flashes in his aching head, as he noticed a weight from his numb arms. He was shocked for a second when he saw his small best friend sleeping so close to the point where he could feel his warm breath brushing on his skin. 

Confusion filled his face until a memory flashed in his mind. “Oh, I forgot...I called him.” He groans to himself, as he feels his bladder exploding soon. 

Cautiously, he tries to pry off his best friend's grasp, which just causes the sleeping puppy to tighten the hug. The sleeping Andie didn't mean to brush his knees on Jaden's morningwood, making him stiffen in trance.

“Aish...” He sighs, calming himself down, as he feels the tingles from his erected cock inside his pants. He couldn't help but smile when he saw the etched peacefulness in Andie's face. “What an obedient puppy you are.” Sighed Jaden, fingers running through the latter's locks.

For unknown reason, Andie rolls again, now backwards and going away from Jaden's arms until he reaches the edge of the bed. A thud echoed from the ground before laughter erupted from Jaden's mouth, as Andie woke up due the pain on his face. 

“HAHAHAHAHAH!” Jaden continues to crack up while he clutches on his stomach, as he looks at the annoyed face of his best friend who has just awoken from his slumber.

“What's so funny?!” Asked Andie, showing his hidden sass while caressing his cheeks. He then rolls his eyes when Jaden doesn't stop, as he stands up. “Aish! Whatever! Help yourself, you stupid drunk man!”

Andie was about to step out of the room when a loud footsteps hurried towards him before he felt a hand wrapped around his wrist. “Hey, where do you think you're going? Come on, I was just joking!”

Andie tries to pry off of his hand before he throws a glare at Jaden. “You're so annoying! Aish, didn't you know that you were the one who called me to come here and help you with your stupid drunk ass, and you even pulled me and forced me to sleep even though you stink! Aish, I can't believe I even agreed when you were calling!”

Jaden stood and smiled innocently, as he listened to Andie's ramblings. “I get it, okay? I'm sorry.” Said Jaden, apologetically.

Andie then falls quiet, as his face softens a bit before a thought walks in the back of his head. It was followed by his stomach growling. “I'm gonna cook breakfast. Just go down when you finish. Aish, I can't believe this.”

Jaden couldn't help but smile widely, as he nodded in agreement. He did everything he needed to do, and when he's done, he hurried his feet downstairs until he reached the dining room. His eyes land on the table with different kinds of food, as his mouth waters at the sight. He then averts his eyes towards the small latter who has his hands placed on his hips, brows questioning.

“And what did you do this time, huh?” Asked Andie with seriousness, causing Jaden to gulp before he pulled a chair to sit on.

“Just bumped into some friends, and you know...” Started Jaden, well aware of the grumpiness of his best friend. He couldn't help but ask, “Are you mad?”

Andie on the other hand turned and sat down to face Jaden. “Of course, I am. You always drink even though you can't!” He says, narrowing his eyes to his best friend's ones.

“Aish, it's not that often, right? Promise, it won't happen again—” His sentence was cut when a palm leveled to his face.

“I've heard that already. Just do it.” Cut his best friend, making him sigh and lower his head. A bit annoyed, he still managed to smile at how his best friend cared for him, thinking that even though he's that stubborn, Andie never left. Andie stayed beside him.

And even though his parents aren't always home, he can't seem to find a reason to feel lonely, especially when a midget with motherly instinct is with him. A midget that happened to be his best friend. A comfortable silence dropped on them, as they started eating the food Andie cooked.

When the time they finished eating, a smile was tattooed in Jaden's face, as he glanced at the also satisfied Andie. He then excuses himself, telling Andie he's going to take a shower. That time, Andie was already laying in Jaden's bed. 

Getting his towel, he makes his way inside his bathroom, as he sees the visible changes inside. Everything's clean, no scattered things and clothes, and a pleasant smell covers the surrounding.

“God, he cleaned it…again.” Jaden breathes a sigh, realizing that his bedroom is also cleaned, all by Andie himself. Everything that was scattered after that night was placed on their usual and right places.

Jaden shakes his head in disbelief, and he starts to turn the shower on, wetting his body. It took him a while before he stepped out of the bathroom, all dried up, as he looked at his best friend, laying in his bed busy using his phone. For no reason, he beams a smile before winking at the latter.

“Hey, thank you, Andie.” Thanked Jaden while fixing his shirt.

Andie on the other hand cocked his brows in confusion. “Thanks for what? For pushing me off the bed?”

Jaden chuckled in trance, “No, I mean thank you for cleaning my room. You don't really need to do that.” He reasons out, as Andie nods his head in understanding.

“Well, I know I didn't need to, but you also know that I don't like mess, right? And, Jaden, you almost looked like a Yeti with that height! How can you not clean your own room? Aish, I wanna smack your head right now.” Andie rambles, eyes narrowing at Jaden who's rubbing his nape in embarrassment.

“Okay okay, I'll clean next time.” Agreed Jaden, nodding his head. Smiling in trance, he makes his way towards his best friend before he lays on his side. “But can you still clean my room next time? You're just so good at it!”

Andie rolls his eyes, smacking his best friend's head lightly. “I won't fall for that.”

“Oh, okay. How about I treat you today for cleaning my room? Oh! I'll treat you every time you clean my room! Wait, am I not always treating you?” Jaden rambles, quickly thinking in his head before he flashes his most pleading eyes he knows.

“Just agree! You always agree to me anyway. Don't think about it anymore!” Said Jaden, pleadingly. Andie heaves a sigh and shakes his head in disbelief, thinking that they have the same age, but what happened to Jaden's behavior?

Fast forward and there they are, standing in the front of a mall. “Where will you take me?” Andie asks, looking at Jaden whose eyes sparkling at the sight of the colorful place. “Hey!”

Jaden snakes his hand on the latter's shoulder before looking back. “Let's go inside!”

As they entered the said mall, lots of people welcomed their sight. Everyone's busy with their own businesses. Jaden on the other hand keeps his hand wrapped around his best friend's wrist, not wanting him to disappear. He also knows that Andie didn't bring his phone with him so he keeps on holding his wrist.

Andie looks up, brows questioning at his best friend. “So what now? Are we just going to stay here?”

Jaden couldn't resist to laugh at the irritated 'midget' on his side, impatiently asking as to where he would bring him. He looks and lets his eyes wander around the mall until he sees a view of an arcade side. It was his plan to bring his best friend because he thinks that he needs some fun in his body. Childish, but it suits his behavior, or more likely their behavior.

“Look, Andie! There!” Exclaimed Jaden while pointing his index finger towards the Arcade, causing his tiny best friend to tiptoe to get a better view of that 'Arcade'.

He doesn't have a single idea as to why in the world would Jaden bring him to an Arcade. And what caused a fume to drop in his face, was the reality that he didn't see because of his height. “Aish, what are we gonna do there, huh? Do you think I'm still a kid—”

And just as he was about to blabber things, Jaden pulled him in a quick, causing him to catch his breath and stop talking. Usual things that he'd do without a doubt. 

To be continued… Protection Status