Chapter 14: Lets be real!


“How comes she listens to him? Because he can control them. Actually, he can control the felines due to his ability, that is, if I'm right.”

“Unfortunately, you are 100% right my dear. Leviathan has an affinity for feline demons, if I may say so.”

“See. I'm a genius as always. Though, From what I can remember from the history of Seraphims, you didn't have this ability before which leads to the conclusion that you received it here in Hell. Though, there were rumors that you could always form strong bonds with the Sacred Guardians. And even tame them to some extent.”

“It seems like someone has done her homework.”

“You're wrong. What I've told you up till now is just plain history that is taught in every school and orphanage and nothing more. The homework you speak of is how to kill you in the fastest way possible, how to win against you and your weak points.”

“M hmm... and what is the weak point of Leviathan?”

“The stone in the middle

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