Chapter 2: Sarcastic Enough?

"I don't care about this at all, Abbey," Genevieve sipped the coffee, sitting on a leather sofa she was venting while her best friend was going through some dresses.

Both Genevieve and Abbey were in the outlet, shopping for some professional dresses for her to wear.

"Gen, your boss has hired you just because he liked your way of dressing. Do you know what that means?" Abbey asked busily, her focus fixed on the dresses.

"He is the Lord...and no, Abbey. I don't know what that means...if you please tell me…" she gave a boring answer.

Clicking her tongue Abbey exclaimed, "Girl, as you said...he wasn't interested in the girls dressed as the sluts and he took one look at you and hired you."

"You lucky brat!" Abbey winked at her best friend's direction.

Genevieve's mind was stuck in a thought…

Why is he called my Lord but not sir?

"Because Genevieve maybe that guy likes to consider himself a Prince or something...who cares," Abbey clicked her tongue once again.

"Are you reading my thoughts?" squinting her eyes, Genevieve asked suspiciously.

"Nah, you just said that...and I'm not blind…" shrugging her shoulders, Abbey finally turned around to continue, "And I guess we have to try these dresses."

"All of them?" Genevieve asked astonishingly.

Meanwhile, at NBM Corporations, Nathan was sitting in his office chair with Crawford standing in front of him.

"My Lord, is there any specific reason you hired the underprivileged girl?" 

He sunk back to his chair and uttered, "No, Crawford. She seemed a little more presentable to me…"

"Presentable? In what way, My Lord? She doesn't even know how to dress up for an interview," Crawford argued.

"That's what I need, Crawford. I need to kill time. She might add a little spice to my boring routine."

Nathan Blackmark had this unique kind of satisfying smirk on his face as if he already had planned how to handle Genevieve Harper.

The day passed within a blink of an eye and Genevieve was so tired. 

She has been cat walking for Abbey for hours when she finally got the chance to come home with so many dresses.

Abbey was surely a pain in the ass but she was sweet as fuck.

She didn't let her pay anything but it was a gift to her best friend, Genevieve.

Tossing to the other side, Genevieve was relinquished in a deep slumber when the annoying sound of the alarm clock lingered in her ears, disturbing her sweet sleep.

She immediately jumped off the bed, hurrying towards the washroom.

She was right on time, fortunately. Entering the office building, she went to Lucy.

It was her first day in NBM Corporations and Lucy could guide her the best.

"Good morning, Lucy."

"Ah, good morning, Genevieve. You are right on time." Lucy smiled back at her.

Chatting for a few minutes, she was noticing and listening to whatever Lucy was saying. 

"My Lord will be here soon…" Lucy uttered busily.

Genevieve bit her lip nervously, she was not sure whether to ask this question or not.

"Uh, Lucy…" 

"Why do we call him My Lord but not…" Genevieve was interrupted by Crawford who rushed to the assistant cabin to speak, "My Lord is here."

He, of course, heard her talking but gave only an unaware stare.

"Go…" Lucy gestured at the newcomer who immediately nodded rushing after Crawford.

While walking towards the reception, Crawford expressed, "We call him my Lord because he is not the regular boss...he belongs to a royal family. He is the last in the line of the Prince…"

Crawford noticed the confused expression on the girl's face, he continued, "As you are his assistant, you have to know. Please keep this to you only…"


"Crawford…" he added.

They both reached the reception just to see Blackmark wasn't there.

"Where is my Lord?" Crawford asked the receptionist who answered, "He went to his cabin."

The loyal bodyguard and the newcomer assistant exchanged terrified looks when both of them instantly turned to rush into the elevator.

Resting his one hand to his waist, Crawford sighed deeply and uttered, "Pray that he is in a good mood."

"What do you mean?" Genevieve asked confused.

"I mean he told me how annoying he finds…" the ting on the elevator silenced Crawford as the door slides opened and they stepped out.

It was that moment when Crawford entered the cabin of the arrogant Lord with the new assistant by his side.

Nathan Blackmark was standing near the window, roaming his eyes around the breathtaking city view.

"Crawford. Where have you been?"

"And assistant...why did you not welcome me?" 

He did not even bother to look at how many people were there in the room...but he sensed it


"Speak fast, assistant. I don't have all day," he turned around, removing his spectacular shades in a way that she was stunned.

His deep pierced eyes turned to move and focused with hers...she gulped nervously.

His gazes were so sharp, she instantly answered, "I'm Lord."

"My Lord. Is there something I can do for you?" Crawford asked like an obedient servant.

"Yes!" he blurted out, then his voice went low, "Crawford. I want you to push the paparazzi off my office."

"I know how annoyed you are by the paparazzi, my Lord. They just want to see you…"

"I know that...make it done." 

It was the order...Nathan Blackmark gave to his loyal servant and he bowed down in assurance.

"And you...assis…" Nathan was interrupted by the girl who politely corrected, "Ms Harper, my Lord."

He became silent, just observing her expressions.

And he noticed she was uneasy and terrified.

He could not hear her heart beating but sense it.

Her heart indeed was beating rapidly.

Lucy and Genevieve, we're sorting the magazines.

"Frontpage. Frontpage. Nathan Blackmark, the Lord." Genevieve hurled the piles of magazines, one by one as she uttered.

"The town is going crazy after him."

"Can't blame them. Can we?" Lucy shrugged her shoulders blissfully.

The whole town was talking about the famous CEO, Nathan Blackmark. 

Within a day he has made his impression on the people of California.

While girls drooled over him, the guys were fascinated to see his first glimpse.

A few seconds later when Genevieve was called by him in his cabin, she asked, "Yes, my Lord?" 

"What took you so long to come, Ms Harper?" 

"Oh, he remembers…" she muttered under her breath.

Her instincts assured her that her cruel boss did not hear her when he asked, "Oh, impressed?"

She was speechless, glued in a place she could not even move or blink her eyes.

And now she was embarrassed.

"Ms Harper, as much as I appreciate the sarcasm...especially in women. You may not want to use this kind of language with me, because when I am going to show how the real sarcasm would be crying."

Gently scoffing, Genevieve responded, "I know how hard it must be for you to hide your true form, my Lord."

Silence took over him, his expressions changed from satisfied to restless.

When a hard-line became prominent across his forehead, he blurted, "Ms Harper, do not forget who you are talking to. I am your…"

"Lord? Yes, I remember. And do forgive me, my Lord."

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Frida Jegerås
It's realy difficult to follow the story because everything is all scrambled and confusing. Who is doing and saying what? Couldn't make it past the first chapter, sorry.

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