Chapter 8: Down The Memory Lane.

"Tell me, Griffin. Now, what is in her mind?" Nathan was leaning back on the wall, his arms crossed onto his chest, his facial expressions calm and collected.

"My Lord. There's too much…" a woman named Griffin had her eyes closed and the two fingers of her right hand were placed on Genevieve's head.

"Let's start with her childhood…" suggested Lord Blackmark.

*Inside Genevieve's head*

A blonde-haired girl of six years dressed in a white woollen onesie with red coloured reminders on it, happily running down the stairs. The priceless smile on her pretty face was seemingly modest. 

"Merry Christmas!" she yelled in excitement. 

The fireplace was beautifully decorated with Christmas stuff and the atmosphere was cosy. 

Her parents walked out of the kitchen, all smiles and greeted her.

It was Christmas morning and she was ready to have her gifts which Santa had left for her.

Unwrapping her gift like a greedy child, Genevieve was utterly excited. 

"Mom! I have the barbie doll!" she exclaimed in a passionate tone.

"Omg! Another one to the collection." her mother responded.

"Well, Santa does know your choice." her father chuckled, giving a wry smile to her mother.

She hugged her parents, it was a perfect family moment. 

Spending the Christmas morning with her parents and the tones of gifts waiting for her...what could possibly go wrong? 

The doorbell interrupted their fun and when Genevieve's father opened the door, he saw the familiar faces.

Three people entered the house plastering a fake smile on their faces.

"Oh boy!" Genevieve's mother muttered under her breath.

Turning her neck to her mother she asked innocently, "What happened, mom?"

"David! My brother! Merry Christmas!" The man went forward for a hug which David aka Genevieve's father wasn't expecting at all.

"Sam. What are you doing here?" he asked unaware?

"Tia left her house and we got nowhere to live...can we place stay at your house?" Sam asked in a pleading tone.

Taking a look at his wife, David was unsure when Tia blurted out, "Please, brother David. It's Christmas Eve."

Both Sam and Tia had a fake disarming smile plastered on their evil faces which Miranda understood at once.

"Mom. Who is this?" innocent little Genevieve asked her mother.

When Sam laid his eyes on the little girl, he immediately rushed to her to pick her up in his arms and spoke softly, "I am your uncle…"

"Your father's younger brother. You can call me Uncle Sam…" he uttered cheerfully.

"And I am Aunt Tia, dear…" the woman exclaimed to the little girl.

While David and Miranda were exchanging looks, the couple chatted with the little girl.

"Where did you come from?" asked little Genevieve.

Tia was overwhelmed looking around. 

Seems like Miranda and David are rich people, with an only child they don't seem to have too many expenses.

She, of course, was planning on sticking around with this family forever.

After all, what a lavish life this is.

Her mouth fell open when David and Miranda showed Sam and his wife the room they will be staying in.

Tia had some serious planning going on in her mind.

Genevieve was told that her uncle Sam and aunty Tia would be living with them. She even heard the quarrels between her parents because of uncle Sam and his wife.

As time passed, Genevieve was growing up and she could not get rid of the newcomers, they were now the part of their family.

When she asked her mother about them, she used to say that Genevieve should stay away from this matter.

The fusses between her parents were becoming more and more and she knew who was the reason behind it.

Genevieve had the best friend named Tyler who used to pick and sometimes dropped her back home, and how cleverly, Tia blamed her for kissing him in the car. 

She was being accused in her own house and now it was enough. It was the first time when Genevieve took a stand for herself and her mother. 

Even Miranda wasn't always silent but she often restrained Tia for speaking inappropriately with her daughter.

Another twisting event took place when Genevieve was getting ready to go on the prom night. 

David was in the study room and Miranda and Tia we're out shopping.

Uncle Sam was drinking wine when he was passing by the room of Genevieve, the door was partly opened, he took a peek inside and his mouth fell open.

Genevieve was standing in her undies with only wearing the sequin top, his eyes were glued on her fresh pale skin. 

She was indeed a beauty and right now he was drooling over her. 

His eyes slightly twinkled and he was easily aroused.

As soon as she turned around, her eyes laid towards the door and she saw the figure standing behind it.

She gasped immediately, grabbed the skirt to cover her uncovered body and rushed to the door to slam it close, locking it completely.

Genevieve was feeling disgusted by recalling what his expressions were like. He was showing so much lust in her.

When she was ready she stepped down the stairs and the first person she struck eyes with was Uncle Sam.

Her rage was beyond the extent that she didn't even notice Tyler was smiling at her.

"My daughter. You look so beautiful." her mother spoke with teary eyes. 

Her father let out a proud smile. 

Her parents were delighted when she could not tell them the reason for her bothering. 

Uncle Sam rubbed his chin as any delinquent lusty man would do. All the time his sharp gazes were fixed on her and she felt as if he was crawling on her skin.

 Her mother understood that something was worrying her daughter and she even asked with a gesture.

"So, young man. My daughter is in your hands now...take care of her." David commanded in a stern tone then smiled.

The prom night was a magical yet most disturbing event of her life. 

The brother of her father had seen her almost naked in her own house; she can't have privacy. 

A few days passed until this incident and it was her holidays when she was chilling at home. 

When one day her friends came to stay over and Genevieve was in the kitchen fetching some juice and snacks for them.

The moment she turned around, she bumped into a tall figure, his evil face appeared to be annoying in her eyes. 

"Leave my way! Uncle Sam!" her voice was loud and clear.

Genevieve wasn't the shy or terrified little girl but she had the confidence of a proud woman. 

Her parents raised her to be a confident and bold woman.

He stepped a little closer and now was invading her personal space.

She had snacks in her hands, gently pushing him back she made her way up to the stairs again.

Uncle Sam was staring at her back as she looked sexy in those shorts and a tank top.

She even discussed this with her friends who gave her some ideas to get rid of her uncle.

A week passed by and Genevieve was still thinking of ways to tell this to her parents...or at least her mother.

Genevieve was laying on her stomach, using her laptop when the knock on her door interrupted her work and she shouted, "Come in…"

She thought her mother came to give her something to eat but when she turned her face she was astonished to see the man in front of her.

"I think it's time we need to talk, baby girl…" he spoke obscenely. 

"Uncle Sam, what do you want?" she was loud when he chuckled taking her steps towards her.

"Shouting won't help here, baby girl…" his grimace kind of made her terrified.

And that moment she needed her mother the most. Or any other family member at this point...because she was alone in this room...with this monster.

"Can you go from here?" she asked.

Uncle Sam didn't listen to her but he strode towards her and was so close to touching her until he heard the door closing.

Walking up to the window he saw Miranda, David and Tia getting out of the car. 

Tia's eyes laid on the window and she saw the tall figure and she was frozen for a moment.

Another moment and Sam ran away from her room and pretended to be asleep in his room.

The terrified girl locked the door of her room and tucked herself in the warm blanket.

Genevieve decided to tell this to her mother.

One fine day when she was home alone with her mother, she went on the breakfast table to talk to her mother.

"Mom. I need to talk to you…" she spoke dumbfounded.

"Yes, my daughter. What is it?" her mother sounded casual.

"Uncle Sam is harassing me…" she spoke in a low yet regretful tone.

Hearing this, her mother lifted her face to look her in the eye, a startled expression took over her face.

"What?" she blurted out.

"Yes, mom. He first saw me half-naked in my room when I was getting ready for the prom and then when my friends came over and I went into the kitchen, he intruded my way.. "

"He did what?" there came the angry voice of her father.

Turning around, Miranda and Genevieve both saw the furious face of David Harper.

His face was fierce with flames, anger rushed down his veins and his voice was gruff.

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