It had been over a week since their last meeting. Lucifer had been secretly training Gadreel and Azaliah for the tournament but other than that, he didn't call them for a meeting anymore. He went on his own to work on the plan that he had created. He couldn't fully trust them, they had doubted him before and that could be a problem for him if he let them do most of his work.

Adriel was concerned. Not because she didn't think Lucifer couldn't take care of himself, but she thought he had called off the plot. She didn't really care about anything but him, she wanted to be close to him and this secret meetings of theirs made that possible. She had just finished a rigorous training with Gadreel and was sharpening her sword. She glanced occasionally at the door of his house, waiting for Lucifer to come out and look at her. he had only seen him in the big hall and she wasn't even concentrating when the angels snag to God.

After a while, she sighed in defeat and got up from he

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