The cheers of the crowd ushered the angels into the tournament. They had five tasks to complete and none of the angels knew what the tasks will be as they changed every year thanks to Lucifer. The first task was to forge a weapon from blue flames, the weapons had to be good and sharp. It would have been easy except that blue flames were harmful to angels so they had to endure pain to get through the task. Balls of fire appeared before each of them, and some immediately placed their hands into it. Adriel first put in her finger, the sting made her yelp in pain and she removed it quickly. Her eyes darted to Gadreel who was staring at Michael. The angel in question had already started to form his sword slowly. Adriel's eyes widened. Even in pain, Michael was able to create a large, sharp sword, he then ran to the next line waiting for the second quest. Adriel and Gadreel stared at each other in fright. Lucifer had only thought them how to fight with another person not how to deep their

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