The angels had completed the third and fourth task, the third required the use of the weapons they had gotten from the jewels to aim at an illusion of a big dragon like creature, wounding it but not killing it. Because of the distance, Ramiel was unable to aim at the right spot and was eliminated from the game. Gadreel and Celeste another angel, however were able to use their wings to fly and stab the dragon in the eye with the arrow, and went over to the fourth quest.  Adriel and Michael had the upper hand because their weapons could go the distance. They easily scaled through to the next level.

The fourth quest required them to use the dragon creature in the previous game. They needed to tame it and then turn it into their personal ride. This was hard for them because the creatures were extremely stubborn and they had already attacked it, giving it the impression they were enemies. The already injured ones would need a cure which the angels needed to detect from anothe

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