Ash and Alexander carried Team body to hide him carefully behind the cargo box, not wanting someone to find Team and attack him in such a defenseless state. Ash removed the extra cloth Alexander had wrapped around him a while ago and covered Ash body with it instead. A minute of silence reigned until both Alexander and Ash stood up and turned around with determination written on their faces.

They took a few steps forward, ready to engage themselves into battle and attack their enemy when they stumbled back as they felt the ship started to move. Only then Ash realized what was going on.

"Shit! They're starting to move again! The Fairy Clan hasn't stopped yet. We need to act quick, Alexander. Or else we wouldn't be able to get out off this ship!" Ash yelled as he tried to regain his balance from the moving ship. He extended his hand to help Alexander in which the latter received and gripped him tightly.

When they had found

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