Alexander narrowed his eyes at him; he was dangerously close to impertinence. "That is possible but I don't see why I should do that."

"Gifting them would help you strengthen your bond with him and his realm," Ash reminded him. "As I am certain you have thought now too," he added. He had never underestimated Alexander; the King was as least as good, if not better, a strategic leader as he was.

"True," Alexander admitted. He looked intensely at the young man bending the knee before him. Amazing how much strength he managed to maintain while doing that. "Now I understand why you were always such a formidable enemy."

"Well, if Authority had listened to my plan we wouldn't have been captured today either so probably don't get too happy about it," Ash said evenly, matter of fact, looking him straight in the eyes as he spoke.

"True. Authority weakness has always been their overconfidence." Alexander took another sip of his drink befo

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