"What the fuck is that? We have a long series of arguments and bullshit and you only give us one heck of a cryptic message? We don't need some riddles and cryptic messages and bullshits from you goddamn fairy fuckers! We want a real location for fucks sake!" Rose screeched as she pulled the trigger of her gun and another gunshot echoed through the room.

But before she could aim it at the Queen, her Clan members were quick enough to intercept and retaliate against her attack. They gathered around the vicinity of the warrior as they all aimed their weapons at them. Ash group in return held a circle formation as they stood in defense while guarding one another's back.

"You motherfucking bitch! You said you wouldn't hurt us!" Team hissed as he raised his gun as a warning to the Feys in front of him.

However, the Queen just smiled and replied with mockery and sarcasm evident in her voice.

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