Chapter 79

“Call the guards,” Benedict ordered as he stepped out onto the balcony. He looked to the East. He could see the haze of dust kicked up by the Order of Keln’s followers. A brown mist of dust hung in the air beyond the wall. One of the guards arrived behind Benedict who instructed him to call Tordor.

Tordor arrived quickly, out of breath. “Benedict, this is trouble.”

“Deny them entry. Prevent all movement of the Order of Keln within the walls of the city. A curfew is in effect immediately from sunset to sunrise.”

“That’s a bit drastic don’t you think? What will the people of Kyrshom think when we act as if the Order of Keln is the enemy?”

“I am beyond caring what the people think. Why do the leaders of the Order of Keln arrive with all their followers? It is a statement if not a threat. I will not leave them waiting though. Send word I will meet their leaders beyond the gates before sun

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