Chapter 88

“Your majesty,” he began trying to assure Benedict of his respect, “Huthdel’s crime aside, there is the matter of the exorcism which is requested by the Order.”

“The exorcism which Huthdel expects me to submit to?”

“Actually your majesty, we suggested it.”

Benedict paused considering this. “I was not aware you requested it. Now that it is clear the request comes from you perhaps you can explain your reasoning better.”

“Your majesty, I do recall that in return for our support you committed to furthering the beliefs of the Order of Keln.”

“And I have always done so Master Kormol. I have never prevented the Order from progressing its ministry in any way.”

“Until now your majesty. By rejecting the exorcism.” Master Kormol replied then continued quickly, “We see that you are intimate with the very women that Atomas was intimate with. When y

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