Chapter - 2

Third person's pov. ::-

In the night, the moon was kissing the sky... The sky is silent but peaceful.

The sound of a girl's screaming and a man's moaning and groaning, echoing inside the room.

Their bodies are was sucking the neck of the girl while biting it before making the woman under him moan in pleasure more.

"Yes, just like that," said the girl and moaned in pleasure as the man was thrusting inside the woman's pussy the way she wanted.

"Faster" breathed out the girl and the man did the same with a proud smirk over his sweaty face  ..he grabs her waist in both hands and started to thrust in her hard and fast.

" Fuck ... You are a very tight woman," said the man while keep thrusting in her hard and rough.

The bed was shaking fast with their wild work,...With his every thrust the bed head post bands with the wall...his balls are banging with the woman's ass with his every deep thrust.. their organisms and sweat mixed odour is flying in the room.

" I am cumming ....I am cumming ...uhhh...." Shout's the girl and moaned hard as she cum onto the man's dick.

While the man keeps moving inside her...after some time he removed his dick from her pussy and moaned hard as he releases his seeds inside the condom ....while moaning... " Ahh fuck woman you were amazing ....but I don't repeat woman after tasting her once take this cash as I don't have any gift for you," said the man in his dangerous voice to the woman who was lying like a lump of dead meat on the bed with panting hard lungs.

He was cleaning himself when throwing a towel in the woman side which landed on her face ...

The woman smiled by listening to this ..she set up while moaning in pain as she is feeling sore in her whole body especially in her vagina ....and happily took the money from him, man smirked seeing this...

" Thanks, I had a great time with you handsome," said the woman with a smile.

" Enjoy your vacation as well as stay in my hotel babe," said the man with a smirk and started to wear his clothes...

He came out from that woman's room fully dressed up and looking as usual handsome ...

He came to the hall of the hotel where receptionists gave him a seductive look except the one who gave him a genuine smile and greets him, he just nods his head with the smirk...and winks towards the receptionist's who had given him seductive looks before and still doing the same.

But poor her, she only can pass him looks because as he had said before he doesn't repeat women so, she doesn't have any second chance to to be his one more night stand girl.

He walks towards the entrance gate where his four bodyguard's and two entrances guard's were standing they all greet him he just nods his head in response...

His car came in front of the entrance gate to pick him up.

The driver opened the back seat door for him ...he set inside his BMW M3 car, while his bodyguards followed him in the other car, but one bodyguard set in his car's passenger seat.

Soon the car started to move and stop at the main entrance gate ...

The security guard checked who it was and open the gate for them to go out.

They came outside the hotel area.....his phone ranged... He takes it out of his pants pocket and sighed heavily by looking at the caller ID.

" Hello," he said picking up the call

" Where are you? , it's quite late " said the person in a sweet voice.

" I am coming home mom, I will be there in 15 minutes, I was just stuck in an important meeting " lied the man to his mother 

" Form the last five days your father wants to talk to you but you do not have time for your family You neither call us nor pick up our call, no matter how many months have elapsed, neither you have met nor talked with us, neither you call us nor meet us. 

And today when we came to your house to meet you, you are not even coming to your house now! We have been waiting for you since noon and now it's late at night ..... it's not good Varun " said Varun's mother to him in the call..with hurt and started to cry.

" Don't cry mom I have already told you ...that I was stuck in the meeting ...

Now stop crying I am coming right then we will talk okay by " saying this Varun cuts the call without listing to his mother.

Varun's Pov. :-

For the past five years, I have been living in my villa away from my family as they all live in my grandparent's villa ....they come every month to meet me but for the past two months, I was not here, as I was enjoying my freedom with my friends in the vacation in the name of business meeting purpose...

I know it's bad to lie to the one who loves you or cares for you but...I like this totally a bad man and I don't give a shit to anyone...

My family loves me a lot And I know this, But I stay away from them so that they do not know about my dirty deeds or else they will feel bad and the scene after that is different.

Now you must be wondering what dirty things I do, I drink alcohol, I sleep with at least one new woman every day, I smoke, talk rudely, a curse on the little thing etc... And doing all these things is a sin in my family, so I am just staying away and saving myself from them 

Soon I reached home, watchman opened the main entrance gate for my car to enter inside when my car reached in front of the villa main door, my car stopped and the driver opened the door for me to step out 

I rang the doorbell ..... Soon the door opened and my mother's smiling face showed me they hugged me hard and started crying. Which I don't like at all, I gave her a tight hug and kissed her forehead and broke the hug.

" Welcome home son," said my mom still sobbing like a kid.

" Mom what is all this why are you crying don't you like that I came home huh, " I said to my mom and wipe her tears with my thumb 

" No, I just...I just got emotional ...I saw you after a long time Varun ...I missed you a lot my son " said mom

" You go and get fresh up quickly everyone is waiting for you at the dining table." Said mom to me 

To which I frowned and I saw the time in my wristwatch, it shows10:15 

I got angry after seeing this because I had told them don't wait for me to have dinner with them ..have your dinner without me.

I just run to my room and fresh up and came to the dinner table where my grandparents, my parents and my little twins were sitting and waiting for me .they smiled while seeing me .on the other hand I make an emotionless face

"Hello everyone first thing is first that is why you all didn't have your dinner till now ....why you all can't understand the things in simple words ...


Hufffff just leaves it " I said to them and stop to say further after seeing that they are getting hurt by my words.

I went to my grandparents and touch's their feet without saying a word and they blessed me ...

my grandfather got up from his seat and hugged me.

" I missed you, my boy," said my grandpa with a smile and I gave him cold stares 

" Opps not boy ...., you are a young man now..........I missed you young man" said my grandpa.

My grandma too hug me and said " you're really bad Varun... I missed you a lot ...But you did not come to meet me even once in the past two months " complained my grandma and started to cry ...uff why all these woman's started to cry on the little thing ...It's not like that, that I died or something they are crying...

How the hell I will come to meet her when I was in the other country having fun.


But still, she is my grandma and she loves me so......chill

Seeing her cry my grandpa gave me hard looks and stares, which clearly says that he doesn't like to see tears in my grandma's eyes 

As he loves her more than anything.

Love huh my foot ....for me love is nothing but I respect the love which my grandparents and my parents have for each other and us 

" I missed you too grandma ....but right now I am hungry let's eat first we will talk after it, " I said to her so that I can save myself from my grandpa 

Another wise he will force me to stay with them which I don't want to do. 

Thankfully she agreed then I went to my dad I hugged him with the same emotionless face 

"How are you ? " my dad asked

"All good dad," I said

" Hey bro " my twin siblings throw their self's on me and hug me tightly.

I to hug them ....after broking the hug.

" Okay let have dinner first," I said 

All the dishes are my favourite ...

When we all had our dinner ...

We all went to the living hall ...and talk about our life etc... etc ...

As all were tired so all went to sleep except dad and me 

" I want to talk to you son about something," said my dad.

"Ya dad what is it, " I said 

" Son you know I want to open a restaurant and I saw a perfect location for it and the area was also good .....

the thing is that I can't go there as I have to attend an important meeting and the person who is the owner of that land is asking high money then it's the actual price now ...

I already gave him the amount which he had asked at our first meeting and but now he is asking more saying that, land's rate is high now " dad said to me.

By listening to this I got angry how dare is that man trick my dad I will show him what happens to the people's who mess with me and my family...

" Okay, dad I will deal it in my way now don't be tensed and by the way where is that land? and in which location is it, when I have to go there " I asked my dad.

" The is in the middle of the city and the beautiful village, the area is a really beautiful song, and you have to go tomorrow friend who lives in that village will accompany you there and you will stay at their house 

I was thinking that if I got free then I will also come there to check the things " said my dad

" Okay, dad So I go and pack my bag for tomorrow," I said to my dad ...and started to think that if I can find any dam hot chick there for my enjoyment or not.

If not then how will I am going to survive the whole day

" I have messaged you the details and their home address as well okay," my dad said to me 

" Okay, then good night dad," I said to my dad.

To which my dad just hugged me for more than a minute ...and patted my back...

I never understand why they all always hug me like that, it's not like that I don't like it,

It's just that I don't understand is why is the need to hug ..huff

" Good night son," said my dad with guilt in his eyes after breaking the hug and I know it well why his eyes showing guilt ...

I went to my room and soon I drifted into my sleep.


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Gloria Ernest-Samuel
Too many punctuation errors. Move the story with action. I am struggling to continue.

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