Chapter - 4

Amoli's Pov.:-

"Moo get up," said my alarm, my panda bear cutely and innocently while sitting on my stomach and putting her both hands on her hips 

And giving me continuously kisses on my face ... Her these wet kisses over my cheeks ticking me to break my sleepy mode away from my system.

"I got up my princess," I told her while yawning and dancing on the bed as I spread my legs and hands on the bed for stretching my body to wake it up from sleeps laziness.

She got up from me and grabbed my hand and lift me from the bed to push me inside the bathroom and at last, she sighed.

I giggled seeing her behaving like a mother.

I came out of the bathroom after taking shower and got ready, I combed my panda's hair as she can't tide them because they are quite long for her to tide them properly.

When we both got ready we both leave our room and went to Pooja room and did our prayer with the whole family.

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Beverley Avengers
I like this book but the chapters are short

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