Chapter - 5

Varun's Pov.:-

When I turned, my eyes captured the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen, for a while, I found myself lost in it, but as I was hell angry I had already raised my hand to hit her.

But instead of her, I hit the air because someone pulled her back before my hand fell on her bloody muddy face. I even can't see her face due to the mud face pack which is covering her face.

I saw that, a little girl who is also covered in the mud hugging her due to fear.

"You bloody villagers wants to die from my hand..... first he threw mud on my face


NOW .....

NOW YOU ..... FUCKING SLAPPED ME " I shout at her, and after hearing my scary, dominated voice she trembles like a dry leaf.

I take step towards her but couldn't even touch her because some fucked basterds

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