Chapter - 8

Varun's Pov.;-

I came outside the room after I became okay ....I will not leave her today face was all red in anger.

My ears caught some familiar sounds from the leaving room I went there to see who is at there...

Shock is the small word to explain what I am feeling right know ...


What the hell they are doing here..

" Mom dad ....what the f.........hmmmm hmmm (clearing the throat) what you all are doing here " i asked them in my dominating and answer demanding voice.

I literally forgot that where I am right now.

" We want to surprise we came here.... without informing you " my grandpa said with a smirk.

Yaa indeed you all gave me shock rather then a bloody surprise ..... literally I forgot to use filter in my mouth after seeing all of them..... And it's enough for me to know the level of me getting surprised 

" We have a one more surprise for you bro....we came here to

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