Chapter - 10

Amoli's Pov.:-

(At early morning )

I am trying to get up but can't get up.

I am laying by my front side on the bed.

I am feel like a truck or train is holding me down ... And let me tell you it's suffering and suffocating at the meantime .

I am not feeling my legs hands are feeling life they have been cut from my body .... The word which can define my state is numb .

Just like I opened my eyes I closed them in the same way back when tears flowed out which are absolutely lava hot.

My whole body is paining ....and is hot like lava ..I think I am having fever .

I again open my eyes and saw infront of me ...

My panda is sleeping peacefully....I smiled and tried to got up but couldn't as soreness in my body is asking me to rest to soothe aching in my sore body .

I bite my lower lip to mute my painful sob ... But the pain is not reason behind my weeping ...

The humiliation and abusive treatment I had face y
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