Chapter - 11

Amoli's Pov.:-

Currently I sitting on the floor with my all family members....

We all are having our dinner together in my room.

As my hands and legs are covered in mehndi my brother and panda they both are feeding me.

" Food is in my mouth right now, don't put so much in my mouth " I said after swallowing the food more like pushing it inside with difficulty .

" Eat fast then I have to apply mehndi on my hand as well ...... because I also want to see how much my future husband loves me......I am telling you moo If the color of my mehndi will not thick, then I will kill my future husband with my mehndi painted hands." Panda said with annoy looking face.

I coughed ... " What ? " Surprise fall out from my mouth .

Everyone started to see her with wide mouth....

Okay so no one have the guts to ask her anything ... Fine I will ask it ..

I cleared my throat and gulped two three sips of water down my dry th

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