Chapter - 49

Varun's Pov.:-

After kissing her for good two minutes .. I left her lips .. she is panting and trying hard to calm her raising nerves while resting her one hand over her deep necked blouse (top) which is showing her boobs upper area .. while giving me angry glares ..

I had opened her hands while kissing her .. after some seconds she said " why did you kidnapped me ? "

" I didn't kidnapped you .. I am just taking back what's mine .. and dear you are mine " I said and moved to her face to kiss her forehead .. but she pushed me back ..

" You had promised me that you will leave my house after getting your answers .. then why did you take me with you .. you lier ! ? " Amoli said to me while beating my chest with her small soft fists .. but as I am still bruised due to yesterday's beating .. it made me moaned in pain ..

Hearing my moaning she s

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