Chapter - 52

Varun's Pov.:-

After turning my back to my happiness ... I came in my new house's garden area ..

Yes new house .. I have buy this house because my old house always haunts me .. so .. I buied this house .

I pulled out the sponge ball from my pants pocket.. and squeezed it with high intakes of breath.. it helps me not to break in tears .. not to show that I am breaking from inside... Why only because I am scared of myself ...

Suddenly someone hugged me tightly from my back .. I touched her soft hands which were over my chest resting..

She came infront of me and stood high on her toes to reach my hight however her small frame didn't let her reach to my face  .. and here she huffed at her fail attempts ..

I too moved high to not to let her hands reach to my face ... But she started to punch my chest ... In this whole pro

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