Chapter 3

He still couldn’t get that women off his mind. Why was she so different that all of  his attention was on her? He still couldn’t figure it out, even after analyzing everything about that women. He came to the conclusion it was after she bumped into him, but he had bumped into so many people before. Especially women, but this was different.

The beautiful spring morning gently hit him, as he stepped out of the airport. Many colored taxi cabs were lined up, anxiously waiting for passengers. Or the ‘poor bastards' as he would put it. He spotted a black Mercedes and knew that was going to be his ride. He didn’t care much for anything  that wasn’t of luxury. He had become accustom to the luxuries of this world and refused nothing but the best. All because he had started at the bottom and worked hard to get where he was. He had to, he had no one to fall back on.

“Welcome, Sir,” the short Indian man said. He was very well dressed in a blue button up that was safely set under his black vest and tucked neatly into his black pants. His black dress shoes looked  polished and his turban was wrapped neatly in the same blue as his shirt. He gently nodded to him, before scrambling for the flying briefcase, he had put in the trunk and then raced for the door. “Sir, may I ask your name?”

“No, you may not!” He snapped.

“I’m sorry to offend you, sir. Please forgive me,” The Indian said with a polite head bow. He waved it off as he got in the car. The door was shut for him before the man ran around to the drivers door and got in. The seats were to his liking. The brown leather was soft and comforting, so he wasn’t propped up to high. He had ample space and the temperature was just perfect. “Where would you like to go, sir?”

“The Costal Corner,”  He spoke with power. The driver nodded happily, as he started making sure the meter was on before getting to far. He kept his eyes closed, as he sat there feeling the smooth road as they drove. The driver sat quietly, almost afraid he would be killed if he broke the silence. This caused a smile to turn into a frown.

‘Smile more, baby. You look so cute,”  His mom would always say when he smiled as a child. Something he doesn’t do much of now. Clearing his mind, he began to recall memories of his mom. She was a beautiful tall women with chocolate brown skin. Her deep grey eyes matched her rose red lips. She had natural blushed cheeks with golden blond waved hair. She was fit and well curved. He always wished for a girl like his mom who would just smile and say ‘One day.’

The day he lost his mom was the most horrible day of his life. He remembered it all so well being no more then 8 years old. He was playing in a pile of dirt, trying to make a sand castle. The sun was shining through the small clearing in the forest. His mom was setting up their picnic a short distance away. His mom purposed a picnic to celebrate the start of spring. The snow was finally cleared up and the ground was solid and dry. His mom love to celebrate the littlest of things, which would always put a smile on his face.

This perfect moment turned to terror when three men with  weapons walked in. They took one look at him and smiled. His mom began to scream, as she raced for him. He quickly rose and ran for her, but before he could get to her he fell. He remembered lifting his head to see her beautiful purple scales over him before she collapsed to her side and all three of the men were gone.

He screamed and screamed for someone to help him, but no one came. He soon walked over to his mom who lay nearly motionless on the ground. His tears streaming down his light caramel face, as he raced to lay down beside her. As he did she gently spoke:

‘You are strong, baby. Don’t let anyone tell you different. You will find her baby and she will make your life bright again like I have.’

He remembers those words and held them close. He waited and waited but she never came, so he went looking for her and those he thought were her just tore him. The women of this world never gave him that feeling. None of them were what his mother had said and yet, here he was doing as he pleased. He had lost faith years ago that special women existed as his mom had said. He didn’t think she was ever going to be there for him again. He has moved on from that now however and lived for the day he is on.

Clearing his mind of the memories,  his thoughts wandered back to that women. Who was she? And why did her touch change his feelings towards her? She was nothing but a fragile girl, one that would never keep up with him but that didn’t mater. He still felt protective, angry, sad and happy all at the same time when thinking about her. It was starting to frustrate him. How can one women do all that by a simple touch? He has been with so many women, but not one who sparked his interest as this women had. Though he really couldn’t blame her, he did step in her way. Not that he will admit it as it was an accident. He was actually stepping out of the way for a potential night stand when she ran into him.

His eyes wondered outside looking for a distractions. Anything to get his mind off that women and his feelings. The city of Valiscar had really gone sideways. The airport was built in the new part of town and the hotel he was staying at was about mid point. It was on the best portion of the lake, or so he had been told. The rest of the lake and a huge mountain side littered with trees. The rest surrounded the old part of town and the rest of the resort. The old part was made up of mostly poor people or older people, as they have lived in Valiscar most their lives and didn’t want to leave it. There was a few cafes, mom and pop shops and a small grocery store in the area. The bigger stores and shops where a good 15-20 minute drive away. He knew the hotel was the perfect place to be able to search the old and new part of the city. Plus with the lake, he was free to stretch at night without too much worry.

For years he had been hiding who he really is and he knew it would be like that for years more if he doesn’t find the Heart of Magic. A emerald green gem stone that was stolen from his kind many, many years ago. His mother heard stories from her grandpa about the great war, which neither of them were born in. She would retell them to him when ever she was allowed. He would listen intently and always prayed for more. He wanted to be the one that brought the gem home. To reclaim his world, to destroy the humans who have been good for nothing in his eyes. Even the women didn’t please him, though he had bedded so many. He wanted his world to come back and destroy the humans. He wanted his world to prosper once again. His mother told him how a trusted human had stolen it from them in the first place, but now none of them had it. It had to be hidden somewhere,  but all of his searching had come up short. This was his last hope to find it. He was going to find it. He had to find it. If not for himself then for his mother.

“Sir, this is your stop,” the male Indian driver said, as the black cab pulled up to the exquisite hotel. It was in the newer part of the town of Valiscar. The old part of town just around the corner.

This place was as beautiful as the pictures had said. It was well built with rock work at the entrance. The siding all cream colored, clean and new. The windows for each room were large and covered with the finest of silk cream curtains. He couldn’t wait to get in, but he needed out of the cab. Looking up at the window, he spotted a women looking down at him, his anger came back once more.  He tried to think of his mother and felt himself calm down, though he knew it wouldn’t be for long. The memory he used was one of a dream she had for him. He could remember the smile she had on her face when she would tell him.

Like all mothers, she wanted him to grow up strong. His birth was the hardest on her due to his illness. It took everything from her and the doctor for the miracle of his life. His father knew he would never make a good ruler as his life started off bad. He felt an omen of bad fortune in the future to come. His mom thought it was a blessing and he would make the world strong. He would always tell him to grow up and be strong, find a beautiful women that would love him for who he is and not what he was. To live in peace with babies running around and he cherish each of them the same. She wanted him to grow old loving his wife like he loved her.

Slamming the car door to try to push away the pain, he walked  to the trunk and grabbed his briefcase. He didn’t need much and if he did, he would just buy it. He was a man of fortune and with his business booming, he was not short on cash.

“Asrar,” He snapped at the man at the desk who smiled and passed him the key. He turned the cold brass key over and over in his hand as he walked away. He was so furious with himself and this stupid women, he darn near took the elevator door out. No one questioned it, no one did anything but run from him. The power that was radiating from him could be felt by mortal and non mortal alike.

‘Anger gets you no where my son’ his mother’s voice playing in his head, as the metal door of the elevator came to a close. Looking at his hand he found a white card with 746 in gold stickers. He pressed the elevator’s key for floor 7. The glass doors gave him a view of the lake that was behind him and the mountains in the distance that dip down to a point they touched on the lake. You could see the beaches along the lake for miles. Some came further down to the resort where homes with children were playing in the crystal blue lake. He wished his mom was beside him to see this. It was all she ever wanted, but no, stupid people had to come in and take her away from him.

His growl shook the place, as he remembered the faces of the men that killed her. His mom had warned him about them and for years, he kept a distance from them. The Elevator opened and his body stiffened. Hunters stepped in, causing him to take a deep breath and hold himself tall. No one would want to mess with him, nor did he want to mess with them. There were weapons hidden from eyesight, but he knew they where there.

“Only a dragon can shake a building like this, Chuck,” The one man said.

“Don’t get too excited, Brad,”  The other man replied, as the elevator went up one more level allowing him to step out before he could hear anymore of their conversation. His mission just got more dangerous. Those men were looking for him. He would have to be super careful since they probably would be staying in the resort until they found him. Of all the places he would meet them, he never thought it would be here. But to him, he also thought it might be good. If they were her,   then that meant they were  hunting for dragons that would be hunting for the Heart of Magic.

He made quick work with his door before entering the suite. It was a simple one bedroom place. The kitchen had all stainless steel appliances and a beautiful island with bar stools. A oak table sat under a chandelier close to the patio door. 4 leather covered brown chairs sat around the table. A love seat and Couch both in a tan leather sat next to a gas fire place with a large clean window that revealed the beauty of the lake. The 65 inch flat screen hung off the wall above the fireplace. There was a simple bathroom and a closet for jackets as soon as you walked in. He looked in to see 4 bran new shoes. There was one black and one brown leather dress shoe. A pair of champion black sneakers and another pair of more casual shoe. There was a black leather jacket and brown leather one hanging up. There was a black, burgundy and Navy Blazer. He let another smile crease his lips. He locked the door and walked towards the bedroom where he found a robe and comfy slippers on the bed. He looked in the closet  to find 10 or so shirts of many colors that would have worked with any of the blazers. There where 6 pants hanging beside them. Like the shirts, each would match any of the blazers and shirts depending on the combo. Socks were neatly placed in a drawer with fresh Kelvin Klein underwear. He knew this secretary of his was good, she had done nothing but proved herself. He gathered a pair of slacks that he found in a drawer below and underwear before he hit the shower.

The warm water cascaded down his back causing him to hum in appreciation. His muscles slowly relaxed under the water, as his mind caught the emerald green of the women. He really couldn’t get her off his mind. Every part of her was stuck there. Her curves, her lips, and most of all her eyes. They were unique, just as much as her hair was. Everything about her reminded him of his mother.

Her shuttering made him angry. The way men looked at her made him jealous. When she smiled, it made him all warm and happy inside. Many of these things his mom made him feel. If she where alive to tell him why he was feeling this way, she would explain that they were soulmates. His Mate who was made for him, to love and cherish him for the rest of his life. A person made to fill your needs and knew how to. This women was his mate and every ounce of him wanted to be with her. She didn’t feel the pull, as she was human.  But if he can win her heart, she will feel safe, secure, loved and many other things amplified. Almost like a human felt towards their other half.

He stepped out of the glass shower and towards the mirror. Clearing the fog, he let his steel grey eyes look himself over in the mirror. His body was so close to a man between Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He took great pride in his body. He had to, the magnificent being he was, had to look good no mater what. His hands rested on the double sink garnet counter. The silver faucets cleaned so well his body was looking back at him. He ran the black towel over his sandy blond hair. Before he pulled it over his caramel skin, clean shaven face.  He threw the towel in the hamper, as he pulled on his clothing. He stepped out of the steaming room towards the kitchen to find it stocked full of food.

He grinned happily, as he found all the stuff needed to make Chicken Alfredo. Something he enjoyed very much and many restaurant he had eaten at could never make perfect. He however made it perfectly. The way the sauce, noodles and chicken blended perfectly. You could never tell as to what you were eating. He began to hum, as he placed the pot of hot water on the stove and got the water heating. He carefully cleaned the chicken of fat before getting them cooking in the oven.  It took him a second to find a small pot to begin the sauce, but once he did it was going on the stove. This was his home, a place he always felt so close to his mother.  It didn’t mater who’s kitchen it was, he would make it feel like home. His mother loved the kitchen. It was her place and man, the things that women could make out of nothing was amazing. Asrar took the love of cooking from her. He couldn’t bake if his life depended on it, but with cooking he was much like his mom. You could have nothing edible in the fridge, but he could make something fit for a queen.

Plating his food on the plain ceramic plate, he smiled happily. He poured himself a glass of white wine and set it down on the brown woven table on the patio. The sun warmed his face and the view of the lake just kept calling him. He took a small bite and promised himself he would swim tonight. He had been confined to this body long enough and was itching to stretch. The  greenish lake was large giving him reassurance that he will get a good workout tonight.

He quickly ate before he decided he would nap the rest of the evening. He knew he would be up most of the night and he did still have to work while he was here. He owned a large chain of restaurants. They spread from one country to another and many more were being made. He was here on a business deal to get his restaurants in a few hotels in places. It was for 12 o’clock the next day in a well known café not too far from here called Mama Chika’s Café. He wasn’t too thrilled with the name and thought it was ridiculous, but he would not deny a deal he knew would only make him richer.

Leaving the plate for the maids to clean, he stripped from his slacks and got comfy in the bed. It was soft and formed to his body and the pillow supported his head with no issues. He was happy for once, since the last place he stayed at, the bed was rock hard and gave him great pain. He took hours  working it out, which was something he complained greatly about. His assistant heard the whole thing and he knew she learned from it. He pulled the blanket close to him, enjoying the warmth as he drifted off to sleep.

He woke up to his phone singing. It was a recording of a song his mother sang to him when he couldn’t sleep. It was the only noise he didn’t hate. The music industry was all about love and breakups. There was nothing unique about them and with them being the same, he stopped listening. He just let his every move fill the silence, which was  something that didn’t annoy him.

“What?” He snapped as he answered the phone.

“Sorry to bother you sir, but you asked me to call you,” His assistant spoke gently over the phone. She was nervous which made him chuckle internally. Even being so far away, it amazed him how he could make her shutter.

“The accommodations are perfect. You did well this time, Avalon.” He replied a little more gently. He could feel her smile from the phone.

“Thank you, sir,”  She said with a side of relief. He was such a picky man and she had worked for many before working for him. She had hopes that he would love all the hard work she had done and award her with a night. She had heard from all the women how awesome he was in bed and she wanted to be a lucky one to experience that. Her ex had nothing in that department and left her disappointed.

“Get back to work. I need my files by tomorrow,” He said before hanging up. He rose and stretched happily rising from the bed, anxiously awaiting the feel of the lake on his scales. He quickly grabbed his slacks and a t-shirt. He made sure to grab a towel before leaving the room. He pocketed his keys before he left and did a doubled check before he locked the door. He knew he would get another set if he asked, but he thought too high of himself for that.

He decided to take the stairs, as he wanted to be by the lake right away. Passing a beautiful women he slowed down. Her beautiful wavy brown hair was tied up into a high pony as her freshly manicured fingers played with her pink lips. He was aroused just by that. Her curvy slender body driving his mind wild. She didn’t even glance his way, but he knew buy the end of the stay, he was going to tap her. He smirked as he kept moving. He knew she was here and was going nowhere tonight. He would satisfy his one need before the other would need it. He was amazed he had gone this long without, but the need for the lake was much stronger.

The women’s green eyes pierced his mind again and he growled to himself. His every waking moment was of that women and it was driving him nuts. He vowed he would find her along with the gem and stay out of the hunter’s grasp. He needed to know what was so special about that women. Her eyes, her body and the display he gave her was the only thing at the top of his mind. The lake had nothing compared to his fascination to her. He couldn’t figure out why but he would have to wait and that infuriated him. He hated how this women took every space of his mind. The way her skin felt on his, the anger he got when the man stepped between them. Even the thought of her shuttering from the window made him mad. He was so frustrated.

Pushing hard on the metal door,  it slammed into the wall causing the noise to echo out into the yard. He didn’t care as he walked towards the lake. The green grass cushioned his bare feet as he walked.  People were out enjoying an evening with their loved ones became quiet as he walked by. He didn’t care, he didn’t need that life. A women would only slow him down. Plus, there was no women out there that would satisfy him.

He wasn’t even fazed, as the soft grassy ground changed to a sandy beach. He heard the echo of human voices in the distance as he walked to the waters edge. The splashing of waves called to him. He quickly stripped leaving his clothing, and keys on the beach,  as he dived into the cool water. His body shuttered a bit at the coolness, as a moan escaped his lips as he floated in its glory. The lake was pure as it flowed around him. He began to swim out further before taking a deep breath and diving under. When he felt he was far enough, he closed his eyes and called forth his secret. He called forth the power that he had hidden. His body slowly began to shake before it began to break. His arms and legs were getting larger and slightly longer. His tail bone piercing through his skin as his spine began to lengthen. Growths began to pierce through his back before they finally broke skin and took form. His face became elongated as did his neck. His steel Grey eyes opened to the beauty of the lake, as did the ability to see in the dark. The fish even became brighter as he saw a small batch of rainbow trout. He folded the growths and dived deeper snatching a few in his mouth before he had to surface. His steel Grey color helped him blend into the dark of the night as he ate the fish at the surface.

This world couldn’t handle what he was. They couldn’t even wrap their head around the reality of what he was. They all thought they were gone but needless to say,  they are among us. He chuckled at the memories of what humans said about his kind. If only they knew. They would never get the chance to know for he was going to enslave them all or kill them. They had torched his kind for long enough, forcing them away from who they truly are so they could fit in and feel safe. Not anymore, all he had to do was get his hands on the gem and their torment would be over. They could fly in the sun,  be free to swim in the lakes and not have to hide in caves.

He wanted to let out a mighty roar to prove his power, but with the hunters so close he knew that would only be his destruction. Instead, he opened his wings and took to the sky, to feel the winds only the birds felt. The freedom of  being able to go where ever you wanted. It was like the moment you got your N after your driving test. The freedom of driving on your own. The freedom to go where ever when ever. Well that was how he felt in the sky. His wings lifted his powerful body through the air. He was as long and as large as the largest passenger plane. His wing span stretched further then two of them side by side.

His eyes filled with tears, as he remembered the last flight he ever took with his mother. Her purple scales on full display for him as he held on while she flew. He would giggle at the feeling and she would purr at his happiness. He wanted  her to fly on his back and feel that feeling. Something she hadn’t experienced since before their birth. Her husband took her on long flights when she was pregnant with them, so she could calm the dragon in her. It was safer to conceive in human form as they could easily hid and so his mom could bare with the pain of not being able to change into her dragon form. Something that drove her crazy but she endured it for her boys. Her husband doing all he could to give her the feeling of flying.

He broke through the clouds for a split second, causing the moon to bounce off his scales eliminating him. He was on full display for her emerald green eyes to see. She didn’t know whether to believe what she was seeing or say it was a trickle of the light.  She wasn’t afraid and filled with wonder and awe. She was actually excited to think he was real. That the moon making him glow for only for her to see, for her to believe. She loved mystical things and prayed they were real. And here he was on full display for her for that split second, as her heart warmed up to the thought that Dragons were real.

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