Chapter 4

The alarm

rang much to early for Rosalie as she grumbled. She didn’t want to role out of

the heaven she was sleeping on. The mattress was newer with memory foam so she

couldn’t feel a spring no mater which way she rolled. The beautiful royal

purple throw was the softest fabric one could imagine as she tucked it under

her chin. She just wanted to fall back asleep but knew she had to get to work.

Throwing off the blanket she quickly got off the bed and gathered a black pair

of leggings and a beautiful royal purple t-shirt from where she laid it on her

luggage the night before. A gentle smiled glistened her face as she remembered the

fun she had last night.

Her cousin

and his boyfriend took her out. They had a beautiful supper at a prestige place

in the new part of town. The peppercorn stake on her plate sizzles with

perfection as the garlic mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables complimented

it. Her cousin even allowed her a glass of wine. Something she never got to

enjoy. She sipped the deep red liquid gently as she savored the taste. Her

cousin picked the best one to go with there meal. They ordered the same except

chicken for Rosco. The place was dark in colors but the light where that

perfect brightness you could see but not disturb the more romantic setting for

those that where here with loved ones.


supper they took her shopping for a few things Chris knew the house

needed.  Bed sheets, pillows, towels

being a few of the things on that list. Chris and his mom had come and cleaned

out the mobile home a few days after Rosalie agreed to take the mobile. They

took out the stuff that should be more personal and left some of the old. Chris

did show here the box of the stuff they removed in case she wanted some of

them. She did keep a pillow or two as they had work done on them by her grandma

but she let the rest go. She bought a few beds in bags and a couple royal

purple and navy blue towel sets. She didn’t want to buy to much till see knew

what she wanted for the home.

When she

walked in she was pleasantly surprised the mobile home didn’t need more work

then anticipated. Her Grandma had gotten it fixed up shortly before her

passing. The kitchen had top end stainless steel appliances. The counters where

done in a beautiful white granite and the cabinets where dark chocolate brown.

White marble tile lay on the floor stretching out to the dining. Her grandma’s

old dark oak cabinet was filled with some antic dishes. The table was an old

wood table her Grandma had for years. It got a fresh stain to matched the room.

The walls where a beautiful red, not to bright but not dull either. The large

white patio door led out onto a natural oak patio where a four chair red

cushion black metal patios set. Looked like it came from Mama Chikas café. The

yard wasn’t to big but if she wanted a dog or children it was plenty for them

as her grandma owned two lots together.

The living

room was through a large arch way where black carpet met the tiles. The room was

a forest green with tan leather loveseat and couch. A black night stand and metal

wood table. The table looked like it was cut off the end of a large tree that

was just fallen. A large window sat behind the love seat as the three person

couch sat on the wall. The tv would sit just on the other side of the arch but

it had broke after Grandma passed so she couldn’t replace it. The door to

outside was blocked off by a small wall that came out about two strides from

the wall. A double closet sat side by side with ample place for jackets and

shoes. Half of the further closet was set with shelves to which much of it was

empty. On the other side was a hallway to which led to the main bath, two

bedrooms and a door directly to the kitchen. The carpet was still black all

throughout the hall. The bathroom had the same beautiful counter and tile like

the kitchen. The cabinets where a light brown with gold accents. The wall was

white and gold swirls. The soaker tub was a large with a rain shower.


bedrooms had fluffy beige carpet that felt like what you imagined clouds would feel

like. The walls where plain white accept for a single accent wall. The master

room was royal purple and the guest room was a navy blue. Both had queen sleigh

beds with deep oak frames. The dressers where the same wood. The curtains

matched the accent walls. The Master bedroom had it’s own bathroom with soaker

tub and rain shower. Double sinks and the toilet was boxed in with it’s own

ventilation. There was a walk in closet on the other side with two walls full

of shelves and racks. There was two windows in each room with one in the

bathroom of the main.


quickly dressed in her plain bra and underwear before pulling the clothing

over. Quickly brushed her hair before creeping down the hall. Her cousin had

her up late and she knew they where probably up later then her so she didn’t

need to wake them at the ungodly hour of 3am. Upon opening the fridge she realized

she had no food. She couldn’t believe she had forgotten she needed to buy food.

With a quiet smack of her palm to her forehead she walked to the closet to find

her running shoes. The closet opened quietly to reveal her purse, jacket and

her nike black running shoe. With a smile she quickly pulled them on and took

her purse. Grabbing her house key from the kitchen counter she left quietly. Upon

leaving, the cool night air nipped at her nose. She pulled her jacket around

her as she locked up and ran down the stairs.


Rosalie.” I voice gently spoke causing her to scream and run. She hid behind

the other side of the mobile home. She hadn’t realized the blue Subaru WRX

parked in the drive way. Brent smacked his forehead with his palm as he gently

stepped over. “Its okay Rosalie, its Brent. We met at Mama Chika’s Café.”


sorry.” Rosalie spoke really upset as she stepped back around the home. She

tried to fight back the tears but they began to flow. His arms gently wrapped

around her.

“You don’t

have to be sorry. I thought you saw me. I’m sorry for startling you.” He spoke

gently to her. He knew how fragile she was due to her past. His grandma filled

him in after work yesterday. He wanted to help her get back on her feet and

show her men aren’t so bad. Mama Chika laughed at him but knew if anyone could

help her it was him. Rosalie leaned into his chest and relaxed. “Come I bet the

idiot in there forgot the fridge was empty and didn’t get you to a grocery


“Its okay.”

Rosalie spoke gently as she let him lead her to his car. The N on the back caused

her to look puzzled at him. He chuckled as he opened the door. The black seats

where welcoming and warm causing Rosalie to melt right into them.

“I’m 18 and

I just got my N.” He chuckled as he popped into the drivers seat. “Now where

would you like breakfast.”

“No please

don’t trouble yourself. A ride to work is all I need and you didn’t have to do

that either.” Rosalie spoke as she rotated her upper body to him. Her hands

came out in front of her and waved side to 



sense. If Grandma finds out you walked to work she will be so mad. Just about

as mad as she would be to find out you didn’t eat breakfast.” Brent chuckled. “I

know the perfect place.”


really I’m okay.” Rosalie spoke as the car began to back out of the drive way.

Brent looked at her with a look of ‘You want to get yelled at.’ Rosalie sighed

as she just relaxed into the seat.

“You need

some weight girlfriend.” Brent happily joked causing her to chuckle gently with

him. He was right. The doctors wanted her to put on 80 pounds and she hadn’t

even hit 20. She tried to eat just nothing appeared good to her. Her ex barely

let her eat. Always said she was so fat. When he did bring her home something

nice he would ruin it by beating her when she touched it.


mind wondered out the window as they slowly made there way through the park. He

had a pop rock channel playing to which she didn’t listen to. He was humming to

the song as he drove. Her eyes caught the last bit of moon that was about to

descend over the mountain and her mind remembered the silhouette she saw last

night. She couldn’t tell if it was real or not as it was late and she was

exhausted. She swore it was, the beautiful silver dragon of Valiscar. She

laughed to herself. Dragons don’t exist and if they did they wouldn’t be in

this old town. Nothing great ever happened here.


has caught your attention.” Brent spoke gently as he turned onto the main road allowing

the car to pick up speed quickly. This startled poor Rosalie who gripped her


“The moon.”

Rosalie spoke after a few moments. She had to calm her beating heart and the

butterflies in her stomach. She had never knew a car could move that quickly

that fast. Didn’t help she wasn’t in many vehicles. The only vehicle she was in

was her ex old 1994 two door ford truck and her friends Mercedes . Both where

so smooth with there driving. This was exhilarating and exciting but also a

little scary for her.


Brent asked confused. He was still stuck on how she reacted to the speed of the

car. Rosalie looked over at him with a nervous smile.


attention is on the moon.” She spoke gently. “I swore I saw something against

it last night.”

“Oh.” Brent

asked intrigued. He had both hands on the stirring wheel as he took the corners

gently. He didn’t want to startle her anymore then he has already done this

morning. He knew it was going to be a lecture for sure.

“It looked

to be a dragon.” Rosealie spoke gently. “He was silver but had a bit of a glow

from the moon. He was beautiful.”

“A dragon.”

Brent asked. When she nodded he burst out laughing. She was in shock. “A Dragon

in Valiscar. I don’t think a dragon would appear here.”

“Why?” Rosalie


“We are

dragon hunter central.” He chuckled. It was true, the reason Valiscar got as

big as it has is because dragon hunters have started settling here. The

mountains, lake and vast wildlife was a dragons dream habitat. Though most of

them have gone into hiding, those that haven’t would hide among people in areas

such as these. The hunters moved in and never left.

“There is

such thing as dragons?” She asked thrilled to possibly have a chance to meet


“Yep and

Valiscar is the last place you would see one.” Brent smiled, but it soon

dropped when he saw her face. “Come one Rose, you don’t actually believe in

dragons. They are ruthless killers that would kill you in a heart beat.”


what people say about werewolves but no one has pictures to prove it. What if

they are helpless little creatures.” She spoke upset.


are huge ruthless killing machines. How to train your dragon was an animation

film that they could make easy money off. If they actually video tape real

dragons they would have been eaten. All of them.” Brent spoke serious. “My

grandma comes from a history of dragon slayers. It was said her grandpapa

killed the queen. Didn’t live to see the next day however. Him, his son and

grandma's brothers all went. Only way we know is the youngest brother was to

afraid to step out of the brush. He says they where eaten whole.”

“Have you

seen one?” Rosalie asked upset. She didn’t think they where ruthless. Lions

where ruthless and yet we still have people live with them. She watches the

Lion Whisper daily and loves how Gabby and Meg

interacts with Kevin.

“No but I

hear if you do you are eaten or killed on spot because they don’t let you

live.” Brent told her as they pulled up to a truckers stop. There was a little dinner

with lights on. Rosalie looked over and smiled. This was her favorite dinner as

a child. She would come here for milkshakes every Sunday afternoon with her


The parking

lot was littered with Mac, Kenworth’s and Bison semi trucks. Some with trailers

some just the truck. The neon lights only partially working on the sign that

was to read Betty’s diner. The all glass place only cut off the kitchen from

the outside but as you walked in the bell would sing and you could see right

through to the kitchen. Two very large men where in the back cooking up some



Brent.” A beautiful blond hair blue eye waitress spoke. She had a white t-shirt

on with black Jean’s and a red waitress apron on. “Just for two.”


Claire.” Brent said with a wink to the waitress. She giggle like a school girl

before grabbing two menus. She led them over to a warn out booth. It was still

in tack but the springs where broken and the once vibrant red was now dull.

Silvery grey outlines the booths and made up the floor and walls. The ceiling

was red with neon lights running around the wall. There where bar stools at the

counter before the space in the wall you could see through to the cooks.

“I’ll give

you a moment with the menu.” Claire smiled as she walked over to gather a

finished order for another customer. Rosalie couldn’t decide as she quickly

looked over the menu. She knew she didn’t have much time as they still needed

time to cook and with half hour before shift she couldn’t waist time.

“How about

I order for you.” Brent said forcing Rosalie to lower the menu. She looked

shock but nodded her approval. He smiled happily as Claire came over. “The


“For both

of you.” Claire asked happily.


Oh Rosalie what do you like in your coffee.?” Brent asked.

“3 honey

and a milk.” Rosalie smiled happily. Claire nodded as she wrote down the order

and disappeared. She came back quickly with the coffee and made sure to place

the honey and milk in front of Rosalie before going to help new customers that

walked in. They where all truck drivers at this time of morning so easy to

please with a cup of coffee to start with.

Brent ran

his hands through his ginger hair as he watched Rosalie stir her honey and milk.

He had never seen a lady as beautiful as she was. And her voice, it just sent

chills through him. He wanted her bad and he was going to get her. Yeah he knew

he had to work through a few things but in the end he knew he could get her.

Just get on her friend side and then ask her to be his. Work through a bit of

that then presto she was his. His Grandma saw him as a hard working flirt but

really he was hard working so he could support his bad boy ways and that was

not cheap.


sipped her coffee gently as she watched Brent’s reaction. Something told her to

run and she really wanted to. He was sweet for picking her up and taking her

for coffee but in the end she knew no one could be that sweet. Even Rosco, who

went through so much, slipped last night. He however apologized tremendously

for it and still felt bad. He even explained to Rosalie his past experience and

she couldn’t help warm up more to him. Brent however was a co-worker that even

Mama Chicka said to be careful.

“Here we

are, two small trucker scrambled.” Claire spoke as she put down the plates

steaming with food. There was a three egg scramble with 3 farmers sausage, a

healthy helping of shredded hash browns and two pieces of toast. Claire placed

the jam jar between them and syrup as she knew Brent liked it. She winked at

him before stepping away to hand out more order. Rosalie was speechless at her

breakfast. She knew, even if she really wanted to, she wasn’t going to be able

to eat all this.

Asrar woke

to his alarm with a huge smile. He felt so good for the first time in many

months. He was able to stretch his wings, feel the wind on his scales and get

his freedom from the human body he has had to wear for months. He knew he had

to enjoy his time as it would probably be a while before he did it again. And

enjoyed it he did. He flew over four cities and terrorized a cow farm. He ate a

cow or two but no one would know. He made sure to wreck a portion of fence

though he scared the cattle from the area he knew no one would suspect him. He

was very careful with his talons.


His husky voice spoke into his phone. It was vibrating on the bedside table.

“Sir, good

morning.” His Assistant gently spoke. He smiled happy to see she could follow

orders well. Even at this ungodly hour of 4 am she was up and calling.


news?” He asked emotionless. This pained her.

“You have a

second meeting after the first at Mama Chika's. The manager for the resort a

few blocks away called back stating she would like your restaurant to replace

the previous one.” She spoke gently, just the way he had asked so many times


“Get on the

next flight.” He demanded before hanging up and moving to the closet. He

grabbed a pair of sweat pants and boxers. Quickly changing he grabbed a pair of

socks and water bottle before heading to the outside closet. He found his work

out shoes without any hesitation before tying them up. Exiting the room he saw

the beauty from the stairs and he knew she was checking him out. Her heart

raced seeing this godly creature in front of him. She could feel her black

lacey cheeky's start to pool with her own arousal. He could smell her, due to

his dragons strong smell. He smirked as he sauntered over to her. She stood

shyly rooted to the ground. Her pink spaghetti strap tank top hugged her well

built fasique. Her black short shorts accented her beautiful long legs. She

wore a black sports bra that did nothing to hide the now at attention nipples.

She had a pair of runners on indicating she was going to work out to. “I was

about to go use my muscles to pound iron but would rather them pound you.”

“I’m much

softer then iron.” She smirked up at him and he smiled. No women could resist

him as he smacked his manly lips into her filled plump ones. His dick began to

harden causing pain for him as his boxers where just to tight. She pulled away and

wrapped her well manicured, worry free hands into his. She began to pull him

down the hall swaying her hips for him to get a good view of her plump round ass.

Removing her key from her back pocket he stood directly behind her grinding his

now hard dick on that round beauty she had be swaying. His lips trailed kisses

down her neck. She moaned at the contact but screamed in pleasure the moment

she got the door open and they found the bedroom.


thanks Brent for the breakfast as they rolled up to Mama Chika’s Cafe a few

minutes late. Rosalie was so upset though she tried not to show it. She quickly

ran inside to find Mama Chika with her arms crossed and tapping her foot.

Rosalie took a gulp to try and calm her nerves. She couldn’t believe she was

late her first day. The tears slowly began to role down her cheeks though she

tried to stop them. Mama Chika felt bad forgetting where this poor girl came

from. She instantly dropped her arms and raced to embrace the young women.

“I’m sorry

child. I have forgotten in my old age. Please forgive me.” She gently cooed to

the women as she rubbed her back. Rosalie was confused. She thought she was in


“I’m late.”

Rosalie cried.

“Oh honey.

It’s your first day. I’m surprised your up at this hour. Plus being half hour late

is nothing to bad. Most people take a week to only be half hour late.” Mama

Chika smiled as she pulled the girl to arms length. She took her hands of Rosalie’s

shoulders and placed them on her cheeks where she cleared her tears. “No my

dear, no crying. Let’s get to work.”


you.” She nodded happily as the two walked to the back. Mama Chika had most of

the stuff in the proofer going. Rosalie got to work pulling out some recipes

she managed to mark when they where traveling into town last night. She was

going to take the rest of the day to sort out the recipes and try to color code

them. If she was going to bake it was going to be fresh.

Mama Chika

helped her sort the oven and proofers out and get a few things going before she

was taken out of the baking nock for a phone call. Rosalie loved the space and

she got to work. Rosalie eyes fell on a few ingredients and she knew she had to

make it. If anything to make up for the late start.

Though one

person she accomplished so much in a short amount of time. Mama Chika was

impressed and decided to leave the young women to the task. She didn’t want to

get in the way. Plus it looked like she was in the zone. Her beautiful voice

stretching through the empty building calming her nerves and that of the grumpy

cook who also had to be up early to get things prepared for the day.

“Don’t know

where e found her. But man ma’am. Isn’t she the best dar gone thing around.”

The cook happily smiled as her voice creeped to him. He loved her voice.

Reminded him of his mama in the kitchen back home. She would always cook up a

meal for a queen when she started singing.

“After many

long years our girl came home.” Mama Chika smiled as she looked up to the

heavens. “You my friend where right. This little lady sure can put a smile on

anyone’s face.”

“May the

good lord watch her.” The cook smiled as he got back at it. He had product to

bring in from the truck. The young women’s grandma was the reason he had a job

here. She saw his talent and knew right away he was meant for this job. He

worked hard so he could make a good pay to send some back home to his Mama who

was still looking after 6 kids.

“Keep Brent

busy. I don’t want him bothering Rosalie. She is in the zone and I want no one

to break that.” Mama Chika said as she began to get the dinner ready. They

opened in an hour and some of the product was ready for the shelves. She began

to wheel out full carts of pastries and sandwiches that Brent had made up from

the bread that was baked the day before.

The cook

kept a close eye on both Rosalie and Brent. He would always come up with

something for him to do when he tried to sneak into the nock. Rosalie finally

pulled out her addition for today. She placed them carefully on a cooling rack

before taking out the smallest one. She wanted to make sure it tasted right.

Placing it down she got to work on a few other pastries.


honey take a break.” Mama Chika spoke as she walked in to find Rosalie wiping

her forehead with the  back of her arm.

“I’m okay. There’s

still so much I want to do.” Rosalie smiled happily as she ran for a fork and

took a scoop of the surprise. She walked over to Mama Chika who was looking at

her with wonder. “Please try.”

“Oh sweet

thing.” Mama Chika smiled as she allowed the young girl to move the fork to her

lips. The sweet and sour goodness was complemented with the flaky buttery

crust. “Oh damn girl.”

“Is it

okay.” Rosalie asked worried.

“Oh damn

girl. Is it good?” Mama Chika smiled happily. “Ryan, get over here. You got to

try this.”


ma'am.” The cook spoke cleaning his hands on his white apron. He wore black

pants and a white t-shirt. He was clean shaven and very lean. He wasn’t

muscular but not fat either. His dark skin was slick with grease from the

fryers he was cleaning. He looked between both ladies as he walked over.

Rosalie ran and grabbed a clean spoon before heading back to the treat to scoop

a spoon out for him. She held it up to his lips and even though hesitant he

took a bite. As he chewed his taste buds just hit the roof as he dropped to the


“Rosalie ma’am,

if I didn’t see with my own eyes you scoop that pie into my mouth I would say

may dear lord, mama has come home.” He spoke from where he lay on his stomach

at Rosalie’s feet. She was worried as she crouched down and placed a hand on

his shoulder. “I have never tasted anything so amazing. It’s got to be heaven

sent. Dear Rosalie, mama would say you be an angel sent from heaven if she

tasted that dear pie of yours.”


you.” Rosalie smiled happily. Mama Chika chuckled as they helped the cook up

off the floor.

“I swear on

my life Mama Chika that girl from heaven.” He spoke as he got his feet under

him and walked back over to the fryer he was cleaning.

“Now that

girl is a pie. No one, and I repeat no one can make that man drop to the ground

like your pie just did.” Mama Chika smiled happily.

“I cooked 4

of them to sell today.” She smiled happily. Strawberry Rhubarb pie was her

favorite and there was only one place she could ever get it and that was right


“Only 4.

Man girl that will be gone before lunch.” Mama Chika chuckled. Rosalie blushed

as she looked at her now filthy space.

“It was 8

am and the breakfast rush was about to start. I am complete all the other

baking I probably could have 4 more done if I had more rhubarb and

Strawberries.” She smiled happily.


Mama Chika called.


Ma'am.” Brent smiles he came running over. Rosalie grabbed the small pie with

yet another clean fork.

“Take this

and run to the store. Grab some fresh rhubarb and strawberries.” Mama Chika


“Why?” He

said taking the pie carefully from Rosalie.

“Taste that

and you’ll find out.” Mama Chika chuckled as Rosalie smiled. Brent looked at

them both before taking a huge bite. He was on cloud nine, his favored flavor of



much of each am I picking up?” He asked as he savored the rest of the pie.

Rosalie and Mama Chika smiled happily

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