Chapter 5

“I hope I picked up enough of each.” Brent spoke as he walked in and placed the three boxes on the island. He raced to the nearest grocery store to pick up the fruit. Didn’t help they had to find it in the back on there shipment. Rosalie smiled as she raced over and began checking it.

“This is perfect.” Rosalie happily said as she grabbed the top box and raced it over to the strainer she already had in the sink. She began to clean the strawberries.

“Boy, need that fry vat filled.” Ryan hollered after he head the water going. That boy would do anything to stay in the baking nock and he knew it. He purposely didn’t fill the vat so he had something for him to do. With that, once he was done, Ryan would see it and get him going on the next endeavor.

Rosalie smiled as she carefully cleaned and prepped the fruit for the pies. She did everything just like her grandma taught her. She was so careful for ‘a bruised fruit can wreck an entire pie.’ She smiled as she remembered her grandmas quote. It was true. She bruised an apple and there Thanksgiving pie was ruined. She learnt her lesson and was very careful.

He grumbled exiting the cold shower he had to have. The towel wrapped around his waist as he walked out to his bedroom. He was angry at how things went. He didn’t even get off and she was out. Those emerald eyes haunting him. She had the time of her life as orgasm after orgasm hit till she passed out as exhaustion took over. Asrar unfortunately had to use the cool water to fix himself as best he could. It still didn’t help. He couldn’t believe even after his great night out as a dragon, this small thing couldn’t be fulfilled.

His phone vibrated on the night stand taking his thoughts away from everything. He walked over and lifted the black Galaxy 10s plus to his ear and mumbled into it.

“Awe my brother suffering?” A voice that Asrar wished he could strangle. Asrar hated his family specially after his mothers death. They cared not for her nor him. His younger brother became the apple of there fathers eye. He was two when his mother died so he wasn’t fully attached to her. Didn’t help he was never with his mom. He loved his father more to which caused there father to pass the crown to him.

“What do you want?” Asrar snapped. He wanted nothing to do with his brother.

“Cant I call and see how my big brother is doing?” His brother chuckled gently.

“All you want is to see me fail.” Asrar growled to show his anger.

“I watch what you say brother. I am king to be.” He smiled. He knew how to piss his brother off and he always did. He knew the crown was as good as his and he never missed a chance to flaunt that. Asrar growled before he hung up and tossed his phone against the wall. The otter box shattering as it hit the floor but he didn’t care. He would just get another. Asrar walked to the foot of the bed and placed his hands on the bed frame. He leaned against it as he closed his eyes. He had to calm down before he wrecked something. This place was perfect and he wasn’t about to change rooms.

After a few moments the green eyes of the Rosalie caught his thoughts. His anger slowly slipping away as he saw her smile. He had to find her, to find out why she was doing all these things to his body. He hated he would have to put the finding of the gem on hold but this seemed to be more important. If he could calm her with just a memory then her being at his side could prove beneficial for him specially now that the hunters where around. He agreed that after these meetings he would get to work hunting for her. He had to figure this out.

He grabbed a clean white button up collar shirt and a pair of red pants. He had black socks from his drawer before walking over to his bed and laid everything carefully. He raced back for a pair of boxers to which he quickly got dressed. Once everything was tucked and he checked himself in the mirror he walked over to his phone. He sighed relieved he didn’t have to get a new phone. The case however would need to be replaced. He dialed a number after a quick unlock.

“Hello,” He voice gentle as she picked up her bosses call.

“Bring a new phone case.” He grumbled before hanging up. This was his tenth case this month causing Avalon to sigh. She feared she would be walking into a yelling match as she boarded her plane. She would be there once the meetings where done so she prayed they went well.

Leaving his room Asrar quickly stepped over to the guest closet. He gathered the black dress shoes and red blazer before taking a seat on the small bench to put them on. Taking a last look in the mirror on the door her sighed. He had forgotten his tie. As he went to collect it a knock at the door caused him to stop. He adjusted his jacket before opening it to see a well dressed hotel worker. He held a box in his hands.

“Your ties have arrived sir.” The man spoke very clear.

“Pressed?” Azrar demanded.

“Cleaned, pressed and folded so no crease will find it’s way in.” The man bowed gently as he held up the box. Asrar opened it and found four ties. A black navy red and white. He smiled happily as he took out the black tie.

“Place them on my bed.” Asrar demanded as he moved over to the mirror and began to work the tie. He had it settled where it was needed and ready to go. The worker bowed lightly before he passed him and disappeared down the hall. Asrar grabbed his wallet and door key before leaving his room and walking to the elevator.

The lobby was filled with people causing Asrar to groan. He hated so many people specially loud children. There wailing always hurt his sensitive ears. He vowed he would never have them. All they did was eat sleep and poop. When they didn’t get what they wanted they would pull a tantrum and scream. This was something he didn’t approve off. He weaved through the crowd as best he could, his sight set on the swirled doors.

“Asrar.” A man spoke gently as he exited out in to the beautiful afternoon. Asrar didn’t like how people called to him but looked around for the voice.

“Yes.” Asrar said as the small man approached.

“Gavin Trench, owner of Vocational Dream.” The man spoke as he reached out his hand. Asrar smiled as he received it with his own. Their hand shake firm, proving they both meant business. Gavin retracted his hand as he smiled. He liked the way Asrar dressed and knew business with him would be good. He looked the part and he definitely proved the part. Asrar eyed the finely dressed man. He wore blue dress pants with a crisp clean white shirt. A black vest fit him perfectly and his black dress shoes where polished to a shine. “Come my car is in the parking.”

“Lead the way.” Asrar nodded as he lifted his hand to the parking lot. Gavin nodded as he turned and both men fell in step with each other. The full parking lot was filled with mini Van’s and small low end cars. Asrar grumbled to himself as he looked at the people with so little. All they had to do is work a little harder and they could have so much.

“This is me.” Gavin spoke as he pointed to the Audi TTRS. The beautiful red shown brightly with the suns glare. Asrar nodded happily as he walked to the passenger door. The tan leather ran through the inside of the car as he adjusted his seat. He was almost to large for this little car but managed to fit somehow. “Sorry, if I had known I would have brought my Mercedes GL.”

“Not a problem.” Asrar reassured him though he was uncomfortable. It was a short ride so he could live with it. Gavin smiled happily as he pulled out and drove out of the parking lot.

“The café we are going is a big tradition for this town. Everyone knows of it and you cant leave town without at least having a coffee from there. They have special office meeting spaces upstairs so the crowd wont bother us.” Gavin spoke highly of Mama Chika's Café.

“I have never heard of it.” Asrar spoke the truth. He was a multi million dollar restaurant company that stretched from one end of the world to the other. He has never heard of this small café. Well to be fair he didn’t care for the cafe's he has come across. They where there own thing in the restaurant world where he was a full sports bar, family orientated type restaurant. Little cliché however as he hates children but he knew to be successful he had to make it work.

“Oh, that’s a little shocking.” Gavin exclaimed with a frown. Everyone he has ever talked to knew about the café. Asrar ignored the comment as his eyes fell on the run down buildings they where driving by. His anger starting to boil as the waste of space could have been filled with his restaurant. He sighed however knowing that wasn’t the case. The area had to many restaurants opened and he couldn’t get the permit to open another. The only way to open was through a hotel. He wished he didn’t have to but he wanted his restaurant everywhere. This small town wouldn’t escape his grasp. He had two potential spaces and if he could he would make sure they both supported his restaurant.

They pulled up to the café and Asrar was a little shocked. He suspected a run down dinner like space. He didn’t think he would find such a  modern type space with many luxuries. Gavin smiled as they both exited the Audi. He was happy to see how surprised Asrar was with the space. He knew he had chosen right, he didn’t really know where else to take Asrar. When he called to book the appointment his secretary told him he was a hard man to please.

“We enter from the side door. Hope your okay with a few stairs.” Gavin said walking over to Asrars side of the car. Asrar nodded as he began to follow Gavin up the stairs. The place was nothing but rooms. There had to be at least 4 well sized rooms for meetings of 4 or 5 people and then 2 rooms for bigger meetings. Asrar was impressed by the place.

“I cant believe I have never heard of this place.” Asrar spoke gently trying to not sound so defeated. He swore he would never like a café but this one was amazing.

“Well you wont find anything even close to it. The food here is amazing.” Gavin smiled as he opened room 4. The room was very modern with the red and black theme still moving throughout the space. The tables where neatly set for four with a portion of the table to  the side with two chairs beside it. Asrar nodded his approval as he sat in one of the chairs. It was cushioned perfectly and not to low.

“Welcome to Mama Chika's Café. I’ll be your waitress today.” Rachelle gently spoke as she stepped into the room.

“Coffee.” Asrar spoke gently.

“Just two regular coffees please.” Gavin smiled over at her. Rachelle nodded as she left. She walked to the other end of the hallway and descended down the staff stairs. They opened up to the kitchen at the bottom.

“Are they here?” Mama Chika asked running over. Rosalie was carefully pulling out a few smaller pies. They where perfect for sharing.

“Ordered coffee.” Rachelle sighed as she walked over to Rosalie.

“Fresh pie from the oven always goes good with a cup of coffee.” Rosalie smiled happily as she placed it on a tray and passed it over to Rachelle who smiled. Mama Chika knew one of them men upstairs and smiled knowing he would fall in love with it.

“Perfect, now to the coffee and quickly. We don’t want them waiting to long as they have a business deal to discuss.” Mama Chika smiled as she shooed Rachelle over to the counter to pour two large red cups of fresh brewed coffee. A special lid was placed on each cup as Rachelle gathered two forks and 2 small plates. She added them to the tray before heading back up the stairs.

Rosalie smiled happily as she watched her leave. She hopped the pie would put a smile on their face. It has for many customers. She quickly turned and raced back into her nock where she began to start cleaning. She was done for the day. There where 5 more strawberry rhubarb pie cooling and a few personal ones. She happily smiled at her accomplishments for the day. She had done so much and couldn’t wait to do it once more tomorrow. Except she vowed to get more sleep tonight and plan her morning. She wanted to bake more fresh then the frozen stuff. She happily began to sing as she washed the dishes and cleaned her counter space.

Asrar’s ears picked up her beautiful voice and gentle smile. Gavin looked at him a little concerned. His secretary said he always frowned or had a hard face. He was so surprised to see a smile. Her sweet voice calming his already agitated nerves as she kept singing. Asrar looked over at Gavin and cleared his throat.

“Do you not hear that?” He spoke gently as there office door opened. Rachelle walked in carefully and placed the coffee down in front of them. She made sure to pull the sugar, and creamed out of the cupboard and fridge before leaving.

“We didn’t order this.” Gavin spoke a little shocked to see the pie.

“We have a new baker in the house and she insisted we serve something with your coffee.” Rachelle gently spoke taking a step back into the room. Asrar eyed the pie unsure what to think. Free to him meant they wanted something. “She pulled this fresh out of the oven. A new treat for the café.”

“Mellisa not baking anymore?” Gavin asked.

“No, Grandma De's granddaughter Rosalie is baking.” Rachelle smiled. That name hit Asrar with pleasure he couldn’t describe. Her name was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard. But why, he was getting so frustrated with this. First the green eyes and now this name. He was about to ask about her but Rachelle had just left.

“Well if this girl is anything like her Grandma that pie is going to be the best thing you have ever eaten.” Gavin smiled happily as he poured some cream and sugar into his cup. Asrar frowned, the best pie he has ever tasted was the one his mom made him for his 7th birthday. He has never tasted anything close.

“Now I agree you have full rights to tell me what should be served in the restaurant and what shouldn’t. What nights should have what specials as you know how the hotel runs and what your customers are looking for but under no circumstances are you aloud to hire anyone unless approved by myself.” Asrar spoke as he sipped his coffee. The Dark roast Arabic beans where brewed to perfection. Strong and true, just how he liked his coffee.

“I can agree to that but what happens if one leaves when your gone?” Gavin spoke cutting up the pie and placing a quarter of it on his plate. He placed a piece of it on the other and passed it over to Asrar.

“I will have back ups to hire but if they don’t pan out I will be on the next flight over.” Asrar spoke. “My restaurant has to have the best to be able to cook the best.”

“The best can be costly.” Gavin sighed as he could see the money for wages just shoot up.

“Absolutely, but why do you think I am one of the richest men alive.” Asrar spoke as he eyed the pie. He was still skeptical about eating it. Gavin hadnt the faintest idea what the answer to his question was. “Because when the best is involved profit begins to soar. Trust me, I am not the man I am today by just hiring anyone that can cook.”

“So your saying that even though the best are hired, what they do and how they do it speak in words of green.” Gavin spoke before plopping a piece of the pie in his mouth. The strawberry rhubarb hitting him just right as he moaned into the bite. “That girl has outdone herself. This pie is amazing.”

“That’s exactly what I am saying.” Asrar exclaimed as he moved the pie piece closer. The smell coming from it was amazing. It was baked to perfection as the golden brown crust flaked gently under the prongs of the fork. The fruit inside did gush out juices and the colors where so bright meaning the fruit was well handled. He cut off a piece and brought it to his lips. Deciding he would eat it he opened his mouth to place it in.

“I think we can come to an agreement with that. I can have my assistant make up the papers.” Gavin spoke stopping him from the bite. Asrar was a little annoyed as he placed the fork with the piece down.

“Now that that is covered what payment are you looking for from the restaurant?” Asrar spoke as he placed his elbows on the table and linked his fingers together so they almost made a house over the pie.

Rosalie just finished cleaning up the space as Rosco came through the door. He was so happy to see how happy she looked. Chris was right behind him but stayed at the door so as not to scare her. Neither of those things worked because when she turned around a scream escaped her as she again hid by the cabinets. Rosco sighed as he raced around the Island to come across nothing. He blinked before stepping around to the other side to see if she maybe scurried around. Rosalie looked up as he was walking back around and calmed her beating heart. As she did Rosco walked back around the island with confusion on his face.

“Sorry, you startled me.” Rosalie sighed as she stood. Rosco looked so confused as Rosalie walked up to him.

“How did you get there?” He asked still not quite understanding the situation. Rosalie looked at him then at the spot she was and back at him.

“I crouched down.” She spoke trying to figure out what he was meaning.

“But I looked there and you weren’t there.” Rosco pointed out. Rosalie and Chris both looked at each other before looking at him.

“I think my babe needs some more coffee.” Chris spoke stepping towards him. Rosco was still very confused but decided to drop it. Rosalie grabbed her things and walked out to the café with them. She bought some lunch before they left back to the mobile.

“So how was work?” Rosco asked all excited.

“Well work was great. I have never enjoyed baking so much.” Rosalie smiled happily.

“Hope the walk wasn’t to bad for you.” Chris spoke upset he didn’t set his alarm so he could take her.

“Its okay Brent was there to pick me up.” Rosalie smiled as she got in the back of the Mercedes. Chris smiled though he didn’t trust Brent. He has seen his bad ways and didn’t think his cousin should be anywhere near him.

“He is to kind.” Rosco spoke with a double meaning to his 4 words. Rosalie nodded though she picked up on the underlying meaning.

“We need to go grocery shopping. I had nothing for breakfast this morning.” Rosalie smiled as they all got in. Chris nodded as they headed towards town.

“Alright so it’s a deal.” Asrar stood with his hand out. Gavin nodded and stood to shake his hand.

“Pleasure doing buisness with you.” Gavin smiled as he adjusted his vest. He grabbed his cup and walked out of the meeting room.

“Asrar.” Asrar spoke in to his phone once Gavin had left.

“Sorry sir but the other meeting was canceled.” Avalon spoke gently knowing he was probably mad.

“No problem Avalon, tell him he lost. We have a deal.” Asrar spoke confidently. Avalon sighed internally. She prayed the meeting would go well. Gavin’s hotel was a prestige 5 star hotel and with Asrar's restaurant a 5 star it only made sense.

“Perfect sir. I am about to land. Should I meet you at the hotel?” She asked gently as the seat belt lights came on.

“I’ll meet you there.” Asrar spoke as he hung up and placed his phone down. He finally lifted his fork to his mouth and took a bite of pie. The flavor and flakiness of the pie filled him with pure joy. Memories of his mothers pie floating to him as he took yet another bite. He didn’t even hear the waitress come in.

“I’m sorry sir I thought you where done.” Rachelle spoke with her head down and try flat against her calves.

“Did Rosalie bake this pie?” Asar asked almost demanding.

“Yes sir, she washed and cut the fruit before putting it in the crust she made.” Rachelle answered him shaking a little.

“Where is she?” Asrar demanded as he got up and looked at her. Rachelle coward back in fear.

“She left an hour ago.” Rachelle managed to squeak out. Asrar roared in frustration as Rachelle raced out of the room. Now he has to find her in this god forsaken town.

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