Chapter 6

Frustration built up as he slammed the door. Not only did he miss Rosalie but he frightened Rachelle so bad she was shaking. Mama Chika wasn’t afraid of him and demanded that he apologies. Asrar did though he didn’t think it was right but he knew he must have over stepped his strength. It happens time to time due to how much power was behind this human skin. He bought a whole pie in Hope’s to make up for what he did and also he wanted to have more for later.

Not only did that frustrate him but his cab took 45 minutes to get to him. To boot the driver had no idea where the hotel was so he took Asrar on a wild goose chase all over town. He played the cab fare but made sure to remember the cab number so he could complain to the company. Avalon watched him from the lobby of the hotel as she quickly rose from the couch. She stepped over pulling her small luggage behind her. She didn’t know how long he wanted her here so she packed a few things just in case.

“Sir.” She gently spoke as she stepped up to him. He nodded as he walked by her signaling for her to follow. She followed behind him as the walked into the elevator. “The contract has been sent over. “

“Good.” Asrar snapped causing her to shutter a little as the elevator started to move.

“The other guy called back to set up a meeting.” Avalon spoke

“Did you tell him where to go.” Asrar asked.

“Absolutely sir.” Avalon stated. She really hated the words that where thrown at her afterwards but she couldn’t do much about it. She gently adjusted her black pencil skirt. Her black wedges where comfortable on her feet but she should have warn a little more then the white button up long-sleeved shirt. She was happy they allowed her into the lobby. It was spring but still a little chilly.

“My case?” He demanded as he held out his hand. She dug in her purse and pulled out the case to hand over. It was just a simple otter box but they where the only one that held up to his anger. Asrar carefully put his phone in before he put it into his pocket. “I need to find out all we can on Rosalie.”

“Who sir?” Avalon asked a little confused.

“Rosalie, she is the new baker at Mama Chika's Café.” Azrar spoke up as he looked over at his assistant. She nodded gently as she began to pull up all she could about Mama Chika’s Café. When she did the elevator opened and the proceeded down the hall to his room. He held it open for her as she kept looking.

“Looks like she is a new hire. They have no info on her.” Avalon spoke as she left her luggage at the door. She carefully removed her shoes and walked over to the island. Asrar followed her after he removed his shoes.

“What about Grandma De?” He asked trying to remember anything he could about her. He was going crazy now. He needed her or he would have to fly again tonight and that was just not possible. He couldn’t risk it.

“Grandma Deanna.” Avalon asked a little confused. Asrar shrugged not sure what to say. He didn’t know. “Says here she is deceased.”

“Does it have a pic?” Asrar asked running his hands through his hair. Avalon enlarged the picture on her tablet before passing it over. Asrar saw it and knew right away she was the women. Those emerald green eyes where the replica of the girls. Avalon gently took back the tablet as she ran some pictures through the school basses till she found one from a high school back in Gastin. She rotated the tablet to him and he nearly buckled looking at her. The beauty he saw at the airport was right there.

“Rosalie Brightale.” Avalon spoke as she tried to find anything else but nothing. “She graduated in Gastin but never went to college.”

“Does it say where she lives or anything?” Asrar asked. He was now frustrated. He had a name for the green eyes but still nothing on her.

“No, she doesn’t have a Facebook page or Instagram.” Avalon spoke as she kept digging. “Nothing, it’s like this girl is hiding her identity or she had a harsh childhood.”

“How do I find her?” Asrar growled. He was about to through something but Avalon stopped him.

“You know she works at the café. Why don’t we go back there tomorrow and talk with the manager. Maybe she will be able to give over some of the info your looking for.” Avalon spoke gently as she let him go. Asrar nodded as he dropped the item to which he was going to through. He walked over to the fridge and pulled a few things out before finding a pot. He got the stove going as he began to work on supper. “What are you doing?”

“Supper.” He growled as he began shopping vegetables. “I would take you out for supper but I’m to tired and frustrated to go anywhere.”

“I’ll get it.” Avalon spoke gently as she put her purse on the counter. A knock at the door took his attention away for a second. Avalon could see the frustration so she offered to get the door. Her perfectly manicured hand wrapped around the handle and gently opened it to a well dressed man. “Can I help you.”

“Sir left in cab.” He spoke shuttering. He was so happy a women opened the door. Asrar scared him. Avalon grabbed the box from him before he booked it down the hallway.

“Who was it?” Asrar asked from where he was pulling ground meat from the fridge. Avalon shut the door and looked his way.

“He didn’t say, just dropped this off. Said your forgot it.” Avalon spoke walking the box over quietly. Asrar  looked over to see the pie box in her hands and chuckled.

“That pie is the reason I’m in so much trouble. Yelled at the waitress and even took it out on the poor new cab driver.” Asrar mumbled. His day was good until he tasted her pie and then all hell broke lose. He had never felt so humiliated in his life and he had no one to blame but himself and that pie. “Rosalie made that pie and man I have never tasted anything so good since my 7th birthday.”

“Oh.” Avalon smiled. He was warming up to her never had he shared any of his past with anyone. Not even his assistants before him had heard about him. She felt honored and privileged to be able to hear even just a little about him. Asrar froze, he never meant to say it out loud. He was only suppose to think about it. What was this green eyed wom…no Rosalie, doing to him. He couldn’t believe he shared that. “everything okay sir.?

“Yes.” Asrar snapped causing her to shutter. She had to stop that, she knew he would never hurt her but still made her shutter. Asrar completely ignored her and went back to cooking. He had the food plated and passed to her before he took his plate two cups and a bottle of wine to the patio. “I would like you to join me out here.”

“Absolutely sir.” Avalon smiled as she grabbed her plate and walked out to the patio. Despite it being outside it was actually warm. The sun was setting in the distance making it very romantic. He didn’t think of this it’s just he didn’t trust himself to be alone right now. He knew Avalon knew all his aggression from the other assistants. She however thought it was a romantic gesture. He poured her a glass of wine before pouring himself one. “Its beautiful out here.”

“You chose well Avalon. Everything was perfect.” Asrar spoke before he dug into his spaghetti and meet balls. The spaghetti noodles where perfectly soft but not to soft they where like mashed potato’s. The sauce was at a good ratio and the parmesan cheese was sprinkled evenly on top. The garlic bread was baked to crispy perfection and the red wine hit the spot. Avalon could fall in love with a man like this. A man that knew his way around the kitchen. Asrar imagined what life would be like is Rosalie was at his side. To run his hands through her hair and his dick deep in her pussy. She was so perfect on the outside her inside had to be just as perfect.

Rosalie yelped as she fell into her house. Chris looked around the kitchen wall before he raced over to her and then saw a sight that made his own inside tingle. There Rosco was pouting with his pants down around his ankle. Rosco had forgotten to tie up his sweat pants before getting out of the car. As he turned around he took a step and the bags caught his pants pulling them down. Rosco never put boxers on that morning so there it was on display for all to see. Rosalie had heard him whine and she looked back to see what was wrong. Well as she did she tripped over the groceries at the door because she was in shock. Christ quickly got her on her feet before running over to Rosco.

“Now pumpkin that is only for me to see. We don’t want to be scaring my poor cousin.” Chris chuckled as he helped his pants up. He even tied them before planting a peck on his lips.

“Its not my fault you didn’t let me put any boxers on this morning.” Rosco pouted. Chris just chuckled as he grabbed a few more groceries before they walked to the house together. Rosalie was still where Chris got her to her feet.

“Princess.” Chris called gently. Rosalie looked at him realizing she was in the way.  She scurried over to the kitchen where she placed her bags on the counter.

“Sorry,” She whispered. Chris just chuckled as Rosco placed his bags down and came running over. He wrapped her in his arms.

“I’m sorry sweet cheeks. That was not suppose to happen.” Rosco told her as he rubbed her back. “Chris forgot to pack and extra pair and I didn’t have any.”

“Oh.” Rosalie spoke. She watched as Rosco stepped away and pecked Christopher’s lips.

“That everything love?” He asked placing his hands on his man’s chest.

“I think so. Man honey, we shopped more for her then we have ever shopped for us.” Chris smiled happily. He loved shopping with his cousin. They bought so much stuff for her they where worried it was to much. He figured they would take some of the stuff with them to there apartment. It was in need of groceries specially now that Rosco was there. He wasn’t much for the outside food. He loved the home cooked meals. He didn’t mind the enjoyable evening out but not all the time.

“Will you guys move in with me?” Rosalie squeaked. Rosco and Chris both turned to look at her. She was nervous she said something wrong. She knew they had the apartment in the city but she didn’t think she could live here alone. Not after everything that happened.

“What did you ask sweet cheeks?” Rosco asked gently as he stepped closer to her.

“I don’t want you guys to leave.” Rosalie gently said as she looked to the ground. Her hands found the edge of her shirt. As she did her shirt started to disappear. Rosco and Chris both looked at it in shock. Rosalie looked up at them as tears began to fall. She knew she was only wishing they stayed. She figured they hated her and where ready to be away from them. “Sorry just forget I said anything.”

“Princess.” Chris cooed to her as he walked Dover quickly. He wrapped her in his arms. “If you want us to move in with you we will put the apartment up for rent right away.”

“We would love to stay with you Angel cakes. I mean little bit more driving for Chris but that’s okay.” Rosco smiled happily as he placed a comforting hand on the small of her back. “Plus us here means someone is to protect my hunk from spiders while I’m gone.”

“What?” Rosalie asked looking over at Rosco. Chris grumbled under his breath remembering that.

“Oh honey, your knight here was trapped in the bedroom at the apartment for the whole night. His mom had to come save him in the morning. There was a little spider sitting in the other side of the door and he swears ever time he tried to step over it the thing would jump at him. He missed a n entire day of food and work because of it.” Rosco told her trying not to chuckle.

“It was going to eat me.” Chris whined. Rosalie chuckled gently as she held her knight tight..

“You stay with me and I will keep you safe from spiders.” She said trying to hold back her laughter. Chris just nodded his head before they broke apart and began to put the food away. “I should move out of the master for you guys. You will be more comfortable in there.”

“Absolutely  not.” Rosco demanded. He had a finger in the air as his chest puffed out. He was standing slightly side ways from where Rosalie was. “The women of the house needs the master suite. We will be find with the best bedroom.”

“We don’t need the space Rosalie. Plus when you feel comfortable being by yourself we will leave back to the apartment.” Chris smiled happily. “We don’t even have the master suite there.”

They all chuckled for a little while as they got supper going. Rosalie decided on a nice spaghetti a d meat ball supper. She got the garlic toast in and helped Rosco toss the Caesar salad. Chris walked over to the door as a knock had come. Rosalie was stirring the sauce and didn’t want it to burn.

“Hey Rosalie home.” Brent asked once Chris opened the door. He pushed Brent back and shut the door.

“Leave my cousin alone. She doesn’t need a man like you in her life.” Chris snapped at him.

“I don’t know what you mean?” Brent spoke hurt even though he had a good idea what he meant.

“I seen you at Vocational Dream with the blonds and brunettes. Oh and god for bid the open ground groping you did to some of the darker haired ones.” Chris spat at him. “Stay away from my cousin if you know what’s good for you.”

“You cant protect her forever Chris. I will get her and I will happily use her how I need.” Brent chuckled as he turned to leave. He will get her, he always gets the women he wants. She was going to be no different. He was the descendent of the best dragon hunters. They where nothing humans. He watched him pull away before he walked back in. Rosalie was standing right there curios.

“I don’t trust Brent.” Chris finally sighed. Rosalie nodded as she walked up to him and hugged him.

“I don’t either don’t worry.” She smiled up at him. The both walked back to the kitchen where she dished them up and they ate together on the table.

Asrar looked over at the blond whom was eating with him. She was on her second glass of wine and she didn’t even seemed phased. How could a man like him get so lucky to have such and assistant. He got up and grabbed there plates as she walked over to the ledge and leaned on the railing. He didn’t know what to do and knew if there was anyone to ask it was her. He sighed as he placed the plates in the sink and walked out to join her. He stood beside her leaning his back against the rail.

“I need to ask you something.” He spoke clear catching her attention.

“Sir.” She spoke confused. Her blue eyes fell on his and looked worry. She could see and feel the uneasiness coming off him. He was about to ask her something even more personal then him speaking out about his mom at the table. She took a deep breath and knew she was not going to like this. “I am all ears.”

“You have been in multiple relationships,” Asrar started though he didn’t really know where he was going with this.

“I wouldn’t say multiple but I have been in a few.” Avalon gently chuckled. She looked over at him and smiled though his eyes didn’t come up to meet his. “She makes you feel weird, almost like you’re a whole different  person.”

“Yes,” Asrar sighed. He wasn’t sure he likes the way she makes him feel. He was the hard rock, one with a hard past. Now he was starting to become soft. Something only his mother ever saw. “I haven’t even met her yet. Well besides her ramming into me at the airport.”

“Do you believe in soul mates?” Avalon asked as her eyes looked out upon the lake. The moon had just started to come up and its bright light was glistening off the lake. There were a few stars in the sky and some of the crickets where singing. Asrar thought over her question for a few minutes. He didn’t believe it being as he has been with thousands of women and none of them loved him they way they should.

“No, I don’t believe in them.” He grumbled as he turned to looked out onto the lake. “Even if I did I’m sure one of the other ladies I have been with would have been it to.”

“You see sir, soul mates aren’t just anyone. They are the one made for you. God made them specifically for your needs.” Avalon sighed knowing he didn’t even have an idea of what they are never mind anything else. “They say there is only ever one soul mate for you. It’s like god made you both from one clay but separated you from each other. Honestly I think it’s his own personal show up there. ‘Looking to Find the Soul Mate'.”

“Really.” Asrar chuckled. He never seen her more annoyed then when she spoke of the fake show. It actually made him laugh. Avalon smiled at him in disbelief. Whom ever this girl was she definitely had to be his soul mate. This man never laughed nor did he smile but since running into Rosalie he has done it all.

“I believe this Rosalie was made for you sir.” Avalon nodded happily as she drank the last swig of wine. She was heart broken a bit. If he had found the one her dreams of him taking her have been shattered. She could never do that to anyone. Granted he wasn’t actually with her but still she felt wrong. She walked her cup into the sink where she started the dishes. She knew she didn’t have to but she figured it would help get her mind off him.

Asrar was still in shock. Avalon was right and he knew it. But in his case he knew it was the moon goddess that made this women for him. He knew the humans believed it was a god that made them but dragons believe in the moon goddess. He remembers his mom speaking of her and all her beauty. It was said it was her who took pity on the dragons and gave them the ability to change to human form. She didn’t want them to die at the hands of the humans.

His mind wondered to her as her emerald green eyes became his focus. Her beautiful rose pink lips so natural and plump. Her flowing brown hair that looked so healthy and happy. She had a clear complexion  you just wanted to kiss. Oh was he feeling the effect she had on him. He needed her but knew it wasn’t going to be that simple. He knew he was going to have to work at it.

“When a women shutters as a guy comes near what could that mean?” Asrar asked once the water shut off.

“One of two things really.” Avalon said walking back to the patio door with a towel in her hands. She was drying her hands with it. “One a guy abused her bad and/or a guy raped her. In all sense it just means a male figure has done something horribly wrong to them and now they have a fear anyone can do that.”

“Can it be over come?” He asked a little worried. But as soon a she said that he knew it could be. She had two guys with her.

“Yes and no. She has to feel comfortable with that man. Normally family or close friends can get through and help them get over the fear but the fear is always there. Everyone has to be careful. Small things can trigger panic attacks.” Avalon stated. “If you girl does that you need to be gentle and move slow. She needs to know your not going to hurt her.”

“I would never.” He snapped causing Avalon to shutter.

“I know you wouldn’t but she doesn’t. She has no idea who you are sir. I shutter and I know you would never hurt me. She has been hurt by a man. Something like that would brake her down.” Avalon sternly spoke. She wanted to help him get the girl but he needed to know this. He was a man that did nothing but demand everything he got. With her he was going to have to give her all her demands.

Asrar thought this over for a few minutes as he looked out onto the lake. He needed her, wanted her in more ways then one but he didn’t know if he could keep his needs and wants away while with her. He was a man of wants. Right now the pain in his pants says he need her tight hole of heaven. He had to get a release. With a sigh he knew the only one around that could possibly do that for him was his assistant. He hated it but the cold shower wouldn’t work and he couldn’t storm over there, not that he even knew where there was, and demand it from her. That would be a step in the wrong direction.

Avalon smiled happily as she stepped away. She hung the towel over the stove before gathering her things. She knew that was probably it for the night and she was a little tired from flying. She booked a suite just a door down so he could summon her whenever needed or walk over. She really didn’t know why she was here but she knew he really didn’t need any reasons to drag her across country. She remember him asking her to fly to one destination he was at to chase off a girl. He got her on the next flight home after. That was a frustrating trip for her.

Her gentle hands quietly shut the door so his thoughts wouldn’t be disturbed. She wanted him happy even though she did want to screw him in the end. She felt everyone deserves to be happy even a man as cold and cruel as he was. Just the change she has notice being here with him for a few hours has been tremendous. His laugh was so happy and the smile really turned him a whole new sexy. She shuttered at the thought as she put the key into her door.

“Running away so soon? “ Asrar spoke as he pushed his body up against hers. She moaned at the contact.

“Sir you have someone in your life you want.” Avalon tried to keep her voice as normal as possible but the bulge on her butt was sending shivers through her.

“I cant have her now and I need a release. We all know how you look at me Avalon. How you talk to the other women in the office that got it. I can even smell your own arousal on you now.” He husky spoke. His breath was hitting her neck right behind her ear. She shuttered as she felt herself grow wetter. Her pussy pulsing for him. Her body was disobeying her. She couldn’t do it in her mind but her body was saying go for it.

“Please sir.” The words escaped her lips as he smiled. He moved his hand down to hers and finished opening the door. She dropped her purse and shoes at the door before turning in his embrace and capturing her lips in his. Asrar smirked to himself. This women really wanted him and he was ready. A cold shower does okay for a small amount of time but he really needed the women’s touch.

Rosalie sat on her patio looking up to the moon. She prayed she would see the silhouette of a dragon to conform what she saw yesterday but as it got darker she knew that wasn’t the case. She knew it was probably a figment t of her imagination. She was supper tired and the clouds where out. She sighed as she let herself back in. Rosco and Chris where already in bed though it wasn’t sleep they where there for. She just chuckled quietly as she walked to her own bedroom. She loved how loveable they where not only to her but each other. She wanted that. She wanted to be loved, to feel happy in someone’s embrace but most of all she wanted to feel protected. She prayed there was someone out there for her that would love her even after everything her ex did to her.

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