Chapter 11

Asrar woke up to his alarm  the next morning. He didn’t want to for the first time in a while. His dreams where of his angel. Her cute body pressed up against his as they lay under the stars. He wasn’t in his dragon form as he snuggled and she was happy with it. He hopped she would be when he told her. Reaching over he shut off his alarm and found a notification that a text had been send.

Good Morning.’ Rosalie texted him early in the morning. He noticed it said 3:30. She was probably on her way to work for her 4 am shift. He felt better after Avalon told him that’s why she is up so early. He applauded her for he would never be able to wake up that early. He rolled to his back and placed his right forearm on his forehead as he looked up at the white ceiling. He remembered her giggles as they flew and now understood why his father loved flying with his mom on his back. That feeling of joy.

Good Morning Angel.’ Asrar replied with a

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