Chapter 12

Rosalie smiled as she waved goodbye to Ryan. He waved back to her before he pulled out of her drive way and down the road. Rosalie waited till he was out of sight before entering her house and getting ready for tonight. She decided to go with Jean’s as her leggings did little to protect her from his scales. She didn’t need to wrap them or anything but if you looked at them it looked like a cat used her, thighs especially, like a scratching post. She didn’t want anyone to see or know because that would be one hell of an explanation.

Asrar waited outside the hotel for the delivery of dinner. He was going to take them over to there spot right away. He had a few things packed and hidden a small distance away. He knew it was going to be dangerous but he would do anything for his girl. His green eyed angel that has done nothing but goo for him. He couldn’t imagine his life with out her. He now understood in a way what his mom and father where like and why there love was so strong.

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