Chapter 15

Rosalie soon came to, finding herself once again tied up on a chair. Her body hurt and was freezing. She felt the sweat on her forehead in small beads and her upper body was covered up, her lower half naked as she felt the wood from the chair. The smell coming off of the shirt meant it was probably bought at some thrift store. She tried to move but just couldn’t bring herself to. Her head was forced up by a skinny hand. A smirk etched her face as Rosalie's eyes rolled back. Amelia let her head fall back on her chest as she left. She made sure to shut the door so she didn’t get the bright idea of leaving. Amelia didn’t think she would as she did a good number on her last night.

“Give her another few minutes and she is all yours.” Amelia spat at the boy in front of her. “I’m sure Asrar is on his way here. The bitch was able to notify him last night.”

“How is this going to work?” The boy spat. “I want my time with her.”

“Just make her scream and I’ll do the rest. He i

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