Chapter 26

“Asrar.” Rosalie giggled happily as he folded his wings and plummeted to the ground. At the last second he would open them and shoot strait up before doing loop de loo. Rosalie loved this as she held on tight. Her giggles filling his ears as he would do it out of the blue. Ryan would just chuckle as Avalon would stiffen. She was worried though she knew she didn’t have to be. Asrar would never let anything happen to her.

Ryan gently nudged Avalon’s foot before he motioned his head towards the pair. Avalon looked over and instantly shook her head. Maybe if she didn’t have a baby in her womb starting to grow she would try it. Ryan was so happy when he realized what happened, she knew it would just kill him if anything happened to the two. She could never take that joy from him, so she decided she will be very careful. Ryan looked up at her and knew, due to the new thing growing in her she didn’t want to. He was proud to have her as a mate and even prouder she was thinking of the

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