Chapter 27

Her body gently lay over his neck as he flew back to there home. He was worried she was going to fall asleep and fall off, as her worry was his spike was going to pierce through her stomach. She had to lay over it to lay down. With a sigh she lifted her body back up causing him to sigh. He was concerned they pushed her to much. Avalon was out cradled in Ryan’s claws as he flew close by. Asrar wished he had done that with Rosalie but she said she would be fine.

Rosalie looked up at the stars and smiled. She couldn’t imaging how much better her life could get from here. She had the best man in the world loving her, the best of friends who where always at her side to keep her safe and family to which she had forgotten but he never forgot her. Then there where so many other people she had met because of those wonderful people. There was a small part of her afraid this was all going to come to an end. That this good luck was running out.

Asrar growled when he felt her uneasin

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