Chapter 28

Rosalie gripped Asrar’s hand lightly as she pressed her body into his side. She had never been to a huge mall like this before. Yes she went to a mall but this was huge. There where like two stories and so full of people. Took them a few hours to drive to it, not that she was complaining because she got to snuggle to him the whole way. This mall had the best wedding store in it according to Ryan whom had been doing plenty of searching.

“I’m so excited.” Ryan squealed happily causing Avalon to laugh. Rosalie smiled as Asrar rolled his eyes.

“Come on hun.” Avalon spoke grabbing Rosalie’s arm and leading her away from Asrar. She really didn’t want to leave him as her fear slowly started to rise. She gripped Avalon’s arm as they went to a lady who appeared to be waiting for them.

“You must be our bride.” She spoke cheery. Avalon nodded as Rosalie let her go. She tried to stop the shaking but it wasn’t helping. Asrar wrapped his arms around her calming her instantly.

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