Chapter 30

Asrar ripped into the mobile home and ran to there bedroom. He flopped on her side of the bed praying there was enough of her there to calm him. He was ready to rip the town apart. The moment the words escaped Brandon’s mouth he knew they where here. All his planning to try and keep her safe going out the window. They got here before he could do anything. His heart felt like it was being ripped in two as his dragon side wanted blood. He wanted everyone to die because his angel was taken from him.

The anger soon turned to tears as he cried into her pillow. His pain tearing him apart as he cried for his Angel. He didn’t know what to do, he felt so lost. He had no idea where they where and no scent to go on. He couldn’t find them. Avalon placed a hand on his back causing him to sit up quickly. She looked at him, tears in her own eyes. He knew she felt this was her fault. He cleared his tears as he held her close rubbing her back as she death gripped him.

“This is all my fau

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